My Favorite Ways To Be Cozy and Content – Finding Hygge at Home

finding hygge at home, sharing how to stay-cozy and content-at-home-with-a-book-tea-and-warm-socks

Finding Hygge at Home

While we’re all hopeful for the new beginnings and brighter days of 2021, the reality is FOR NOW many of us are still sticking close to home. As we shift into what will likely be the colder days of winter, I wanted to share some simple ways to be cozy and content at home by making your space comfortable and inviting. In other words, finding hygge at home. Have you heard of the word Hygge? It’s a Danish word (pronounced hue-guh) acknowledging a lifestyle of simple pleasures–a feeling or moment however ordinary or extraordinary that is joyful, charming, or special. Why not make your home a retreat by refreshing your space and bringing some hygge into your life?

Do you have a favorite product that makes your home inviting and comfortable?  Please share in the comments as I’d love to hear from you.
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Stay warm, stay cozy, and find your hygge!


Blankets, Mountains of Blankets

Hoarding is too strong of a word, but let’s just say I have a healthy "collection" of blankets. Perfect for movie night, draped over a chair, or peeking out of a basket, some start out as my coveted favorites only later to be poorly consumed by the washer/dryer. Then become our dog's coveted favorite. This blanket from Target is wonderful. Dare I say, I even prefer it to the Barefoot Dreams blanket. It's fairly heavy, super soft, it washes well, and, it’s large—60” x 86” so toes aren’t left out in the cold.

Tea for Two (Or One!)

Tea is both warming and calming. I purchased this 3 quart MacKenzie Childs tea kettle just over a year ago, and while it was a splurge, it was worth every penny. I love how it looks in my kitchen. It’s so pretty, I just leave it out on my stovetop. Her pieces are gorgeously handcrafted and I’m really a sucker for the black and white check. There is also a 2-quart version and a blue and white courtly check. A hot cup of tea under a warm fluffy blanket--pure heaven!

Indulgent Reads

Coffee table books are a wonderful way to add interest to your living room or home office. Stack several together or place a few in a tray or under a plant, vase, or large seashell. My favorite is this Chanel book with its inspiring photography. Chanel's combination of style and elegance is detailed on each page. The House of Chanel reveals its private archives and designs created by Coco Chanel from the 1920s onwards. It's a feast for your eyes! I also love the Tom Ford book, Vogue book, and the Beaches book--we can dream, right? Books are an amazing escape and beautiful addition to your coffee table where they are visible and easy to devour.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Plants can really warm up your space and give it a fresh feeling. I, unfortunately, have a black thumb and have even managed to kill a succulent or two so while I do have some live plants in my home, artificial plants are a safer bet for me. But, I can’t stand an artificial plant that looks artificial! I recently purchased this 4’ faux fiddle leaf tree and I am SO impressed…it’s really good. It requires quite a bit of fluffing right out of the box, but even the leaves have individual veins that can be shaped. It comes in a very small (like uncomfortably small) weighted base that needs to be put into a larger planter or basket. Add some Spanish moss to fill in any gaps and voilà!

A Touch of Green

Maybe your just looking to add a small bit of greenery to your space. I have added various types of eucalyptus around my house—in large vases, small bud vases, hanging upside down and tied with ribbon or twine. These silver dollar eucalyptus stems from Amazon are very realistic looking. Each bunch is about 24" tall x 12" Diameter and there are 6 stems in each package. You can also find greenery outdoors and add the clippings around your home. Mixing different greens together looks fresh and can be a great substitute for flowers.
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