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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Picks

My 2019 Favorites!

It’s that time my fellow fashionistas! The biggest sale of the year, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has begun… And I’ve been pouring over the site to help you shop the sale like a PRO! In case you don’t already know, this sale is such a big deal… because it’s the only sale where FALL clothes, shoes, and accessories go on sale before the season even starts!

You can still get Early Access if you become a Nordstrom cardholder. Sign up here. Keep scrolling to see my picks and what I ordered! I covered a LOT of categories…everything from sweaters to boots to booties to jewelry to home decor picks.

Check out my TOP 20 Favorites are here.

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If you have questions about the sale…

You can find all KEY DATES for the sale here.
You can see my CATALOG PICKS in this video.
And, you can browse the CATALOG ONLINE here.

Now lets get to the fun stuff…all of my picks!

What I Bought

Check out my TOP 20 FAVORITES here.












Fine Jewelry









Lounge & Jammies


Under $100

Under $50





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  1. Thank you Erin for this – i love that your picks aren’t the same (and never are) as other bloggers. i have you to thank for my veronica beard addiction! I love and buy so many of your recommendations. You really did the impossible when you found non-preppy outfits appropriate for sea island, where my family spends every spring break. since you managed the impossible with that sea island post i have really been paying attention to your picks. What i would love to see is a what to where to music festivals when you are a grownup but still want to maybe add a bit of whimsy. i’m currently finding pieces for newport folk festival and i swear you were in my head as i was trolling amazon for something unexpected and inexpensive. i found this delicious full length stretch waist chiffon skirt. it’s kind of a tie dye sort of pattern. i’m thinking of rocking that with white sneakers, a simple t shirt and a big sun hat. it’s like carrying your own blanket because the skirt (in an ideal world) will spread out and i won’t have itchy legs from sitting on grass. plus the cool factor of swishing around in a big long skirt! Anyway, I’m sharing this because that’s a piece i know you would choose… thanks for the inspiration and keep going with all your content!

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