Take The Stress Out Of Packing With These 12+ Amazon Travel Essentials

Are you taking any trips this spring/summer? Erin and her family just returned from a 2-week trip to China and Vietnam. If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you know she and her family LOVE to travel the world. Planning a great trip starts with packing…and Erin is a pro! Having the right essentials is the key to reducing stress, packing light, and being prepared. So today we’re sharing Erin’s favorite Amazon travel essentials that make ALL the difference for her…and a few things that didn’t quite make the cut for her recent trip!

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Amazon Travel Essentials

Traveling should be about discovering new places and making memories. But let’s face it, having what you need when you need it is uber important. Especially if you’re traveling for an extended period of time with only a carry-on suitcase (like Erin did), getting organized is paramount! Well, Amazon to the rescue. Let’s dive into Erin’s must-have Amazon travel essentials.

Airplane Travel Essentials

Sleep Headphones

Erin swears by these wireless headband headphones and wears them every night to listen to rain sounds. (PRO TIP: Download 10-hour rain sound videos from YouTube before traveling so you’ll be able to play them with no worries about connectivity or EMF exposure from your phone). If you want to get some peaceful sleep on the plane or in the various hotels, these are comfortable to sleep in. She also travels with her Bose Quiet Comfort headphones and uses those for workouts.

Eye Mask

Erin also loved having this light-blocking silk eye mask on the plane to help her get some zzz’s during the long 17-hour+ flight. But it will also come in handy for hotel rooms and when you’re at home too.

Amazon Travel Essentials

LARQ Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key when flying, but it’s especially important for extra-long international flights. Erin picked up this insulated stainless steel reusable water bottle that keeps water cool for up to 24 hours. It’s nice not to be at the mercy of flight attendant service so you can stay hydrated for the full flight. This water bottle is also how she kept her hormone “troches” cool. The losenge-like hormone replacement therapy needs to refrigerated. She simply added some ice cubes and put the troches inside 2 Ziploc bags so they wouldn’t get wet from the ice.

Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

Touchland hand sanitizers have a lovely smell and aren’t drying like most hand sanitizers are. It somehow leaves your hands feeling moisturized! These wipes are essential for cleaning off the seat-back tray, smell wonderful, and are great for a quick refresh!

Tech Travel Must-Haves

Tech Travel Must-Haves

Portable Charger

This portable charger has a built-in AC wall plug, built-in cables, and a really slim power bank so it won’t take up much room in your bag.

AirFly Bluetooth Transmitter 

This is SO cool!! You can actually use YOUR AirPods, earbuds, or wireless headphones with the airplane entertainment system with this AirFly wireless transmitter. It has a battery life of 25+ hours so you’ll be covered even on those very long flights.

Electronics Accessory Bag

It’s nice to keep your portable power bank, transmitter, earbuds, and charging cords all in one place so you can easily find everything on the plane. Erin liked that this one was large enough to hold everything for the whole family, but it was slim and not at all bulky.

iPad Case

Erin’s old iPad case was getting pretty beat up, so she replaced it for her trip. This one comes in a bunch of colors! A new iPad is definitely on her list as this one is an older, Generation 3.


Erin bought this amazing SONY camera just before her trip. It’s the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame, mirrorless camera. You can’t beat the size when you have limited room in your luggage.

amazon makeup bagamazon travel makeup bag

Toiletry Travel Must-Haves

Travel Makeup Bag

This makeup bag holds a TON. It opens up to 2 large compartments and a zipper compartment, yet it all folds up so neatly and compactly. You can’t beat the $20 price tag! It comes in a bunch of color options too.

Razor and Toothbrush Covers

These are those little things we tend to forget about until we are packing the night before, but a toothbrush cover and razor cover are nice to have and will keep your items clean and sanitary!

Carry-On Suitcase Packing Tips | Toiletry Travel Must-Haves

Clear Makeup Case

This clear makeup travel case comes in a few different sizes and color options so you can coordinate with the pieces you already have. It’s nice to be able to see your products through the clear front/back. And it’s TSA-approved.

Travel Size Shampoo/Conditioner

We get a LOT of questions about Erin’s hair, so we thought we’d share her current favorite shampoo and conditioner since they happen to come in travel sizes! It’s worth noting, though, on these aggressive trips, she does NOT bring haircare products and relies instead on the hotel shampoos and conditioners.

Makeup Brush CaseMakeup Brush Travel Case

Makeup Brush Travel Case

This durable silicone makeup brush case is perfect for travel and will fit all your makeup brushes. If you already have something for your brushes, it can also hold sunglasses, other beauty products, small electronics (like AirPods), and more. Erin also ordered this smaller case but found it was too small to hold her larger makeup brushes. She also grabbed this beauty blender sponge holder and loved it!

Didn’t Make the Cut, But…

These next 2 items did not make it into Erin’s suitcase for this trip, but she does recommend them!

Travel Sunglass Organizer

Erin had high hopes for this multi-slot sunglass case. It was actually really beautiful, and would certainly do the job of protecting your sunglasses or glasses. But it was much larger than she expected…too large to take up precious space in her carry-on. So, she didn’t end up using it. If you are checking a bag this would be a great option.

Travel Steamer

Again, having to really be strategic about packing, this steamer took up too much room in Erin’s suitcase. But, if you need a good quality portable steamer, this one does fold down and would be great IF you have the room.

Compression Packing Cubes

Compression packing cubes are truly a packing must-have! Erin has used these from Amazon in the past and loved them. But for this trip, she tried out the Béis compression packing cubes. She said they’re very high-quality and she appreciated the ability to label them if you want to take it to that next level of organization. No matter which compression cubes you go with, they are THE best way to keep your items organized so you can find things quickly AND they’re a major space-saver.

Do you know of any other must-have Amazon travel essentials? If so, please leave a note in the comments and share with our community! Don’t keep that to yourself!

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