Go With the Crop Top! 9 Ways to Get Abs Summer Ready!

We’ve come out of hibernation only to realize that our winter comfort foods have added a layer of fluff to our midsections. Since warmer weather styles show more skin, it becomes “crunch time”.

But it’s not just crunches that will help you get summer style ready. Now you CAN go with the crop top. Here are 9 ways to get your abs summer ready!

The idea is that by lowering your calorie intake just a little bit for several weeks, you’ll be able to lose enough weight to show off your defined muscles.


Do a Small Cut

To get your abs summer ready, cut back on the salt and sugar you consume. Even without doing a single sit up, your abs will be more defined.


Reduce Salt & Sugar

Women with correct posture can look up to five pounds lighter than women who slouch! There are added benefits to standing tall.


Improve Your Posture

Exercises that work your obliques, lower abs, transverse abdominal muscles, and even lower back will help you define all of your abs.


Target All Your Abs

Dry, wrinkled skin is going to look flabbier than hydrated, smooth skin. It is because hydrated smooth skin helps light reflect, so your stomach seems flatter.


Smooth Your Skin

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