These 5 Innovative Health & Wellness Trends For 2022 Might Surprise You

2022 Wellness Trends

Just like in your wardrobe, there are some health & wellness trends that are classics. Things like exercise and gut health will be around for a while. But as the new year approaches, there are also some newcomers to the arena, and some of them are pretty innovative.

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Immune Health

Immune health is a trend that’s changing how we think about our overall health. We don’t just want to be doing “ok.” We want to thrive.

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Mental Health Care

When high profile athletes like Simone Biles and Calvin Ridley can step back from their professional careers to take care of their mental health, it signals to the general public that we can and should do the same.

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Stress Tracking

The goal is to understand when you feel stressed, even if you don’t consciously realize it, so you can learn to implement strategies to lower your stress levels and respond to the problem instead of react.

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Adaptogens are herbs or mushrooms that have medicinal properties. They don’t “fix” anything, but they can work to stabilize the environment and support your body’s response to stress.

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Face Yoga

Face yoga can help relieve it. Face yoga is a series of simple exercises that target muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. Targeting these areas helps to relax your muscles, which should also help relieve your stress.

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