14 Home Decor Items That Look More Expensive Than They Really Are!

If your home is feeling dated or your space doesn’t feel “finished” these are some budget-friendly finds that can update your happy abode and make it feel more modern, fresh and current.

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Neutral Rug

This low pile, wool area rug is great for high traffic areas. I really like the simple design and rich colors.

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Handled Vase

I bought this vintage, stoneware vase for my office and I love it. It's a substantial piece and looks great paired with #3 and #4.

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Cream Vintage Vase

Solo or filled with flowers or greenery, this vase has a vintage, handmade look of stoneware pottery and it's just $30!

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Short Vintage Vase

The 3rd vase of the trio is a light blueish gray in tone. The dark brown speckles work back to the color of the handled vase (#2). If you were pairing the 3 together, I'd recommend adding greenery or flowers to one and leaving the other 2 empty.

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Oval Basket

This handled basket is really nice quality and great for storing magazines, blankets or throw pillows. If you have a 2-tier console table, this would be perfect for the bottom tier!

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