The Top Selling Amazon Home Decor Favorites You Never Knew You Needed…Until Now!

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Amazon Home Decor Favorites

Time for some online shopping! I can’t resist a weekly scroll through Amazon’s site. I’m on this never-ending quest to find the very best home products. I look for items with the most 5-star reviews, so I can share my finds with you. Sometimes I’m looking for the fun and pretty items we all want. But other times, it’s all about the not-so-glamorous, dare I say not very exciting, items we need. Or, the things we never knew we needed! You know, like storage items and gadgets. This post will focus more on the latter. But, I can’t help but throw in a pretty thing or two as well. I’m only human! These top-selling Amazon home decor favorites are seriously good!

Looking for fall home decor? I shared the best, neutral fall decor in this post!

Have you found any must-have Amazon home products that we all need to know about? Share girl, share! Leave a comment below.

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Fall Coziness

This blanket is ultra-soft, has over 5,000 5-star reviews and it's HUGE. A high-quality, 60" X 80" throw is kind of a unicorn. Oh, and it’s under $50. This is the perfect blanket for sharing. Not sure which color is my favorite - they're all super chic.

Easy Apps

A platter like this one makes constructing a charcuterie board a cinch! It comes with bowls and cheese knives and because of the way it is set up, you instantly know what to put where for a quick, throw-together appetizer or snack.


If you are in the market for new wine glasses these are perfectly versatile for sparking, white, and red wines, or really any beverage. Even desserts! And, they look cool so there you go.

Easy Décor

No, this isn’t a need, but isn’t she cute? When you’re looking for that one thing for your console table that isn’t a picture frame or candle, this wooden piece will add some warmth.

Bedside Carafe

Hoda Kotb recently talked about how she chugs a full glass of water before she even gets out of bed each morning. Erin has shared that she also practices this technique so I decided to give it a try. You know what? It really does make me feel better each morning. The last carafe I bought cracked within a week but this one looks more substantial so I'm giving it a go!

A Step-Up

If you have a closet with a super high ceiling like me, the top shelf is nearly impossible to get to. But any space in the closet is valuable real estate! This folding step stool is portable, compact and lightweight. It gets the job done.

Cool Nights

Hard to believe it’s almost time for nights in front of the fireplace again! This mesh panel screen keeps pets and kids safe but also has an updated, warm and inviting look. I have a similar one in black but the pricing is better on this one.

Sink Storage

I know, I know. This falls at the very top of the not-so-glamorous list but hear me out. If you have a ton of products under your kitchen and/or bathroom sink, this storage solution is ideal. It fits along that awkward under the sink pipe that is notoriously in the way. You can stack 2 together if using in a pantry. I have it. I love it.

Air Fryer (I caved!)

I really didn't jump on the Air Fryer train early. The oven I ordered almost 2 months ago is STILL on back-order so I have used this more than I thought I would. It makes leftovers delicious (especially pizza!) and will crisp-up veggies like sweet potatoes or broccoli in no time. I have to say, I'm a reluctant fan!

H20 Bottle Storage

I can’t be the only one that has an obscene number of water bottles but yet I can’t seem to part with any of them. This is just what I needed for storing them so I thought maybe you needed one too!

Holy Sheets!

Sheets aren't particularly exciting but they make a BIG difference in having a great night of sleep. I don’t have these (yet), but they have over 250 THOUSAND positive reviews. I mean, you can’t argue with that.

Tea Time

If you're a tea drinker this little storage gadget is the thing you never knew you needed. You can get rid of 8 annoying boxes of tea in your cabinet and keep all the tea bags organized and accessible. I honestly felt ridiculous ordering this, but wow, it's kind of a game-changer!
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2 thoughts on “The Top Selling Amazon Home Decor Favorites You Never Knew You Needed…Until Now!

  1. Love the wooden puzzle pieces and the tea organizer too, something I never knew I needed.

    Holding off on the air fryer since we just got a toaster oven and there’s only so many gadgets my kitchen counter can take ❤️

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