Learn the Power of Saying “No”: How to Set Boundaries That Work

I want to help you learn to set lasting boundaries so you can live the benefits. Benefits like: avoiding burnout, spending time how you want, living your passions, and feeling more compassionate.

Here’s how to learn the power of saying “no” AND how to set boundaries that work for you.

When you set boundaries, you know ahead of time what you will allow and what you won’t. Which makes sense. But this isn’t always how we implement boundaries. 

What a Boundary Is and Isn’t

A boundary isn’t a way to control other people. You don’t set boundaries for them. You aren’t actually trying to get them to do anything.

Part of setting a boundary that is going to work is knowing what you’re trying to accomplish with the boundary.

Know What You Really Need

Whatever boundary you are setting needs to come from something you need. Sometimes we practice burying what we need, so it can be difficult to actually get to the root of it.

Setting a boundary is only half of the process. You also need to keep it.

Understand Why Keeping the Boundary Is Difficult

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