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The 11 Best Products to Help You Destress

Stressed? These Can Help!

It seems like every day there are new items on the market that say they’ll help you feel calm and destress. It can be overwhelming. It’s confusing enough to cause, well, stress

Part of a good self-care routine helps you destress easily. Knowing what you need to do to bring your cortisol (the stress hormone) levels down is great. For example, understanding you should take a walk, meditate, or get in a HIIT workout is awesome. Stress doesn’t just mess with our sense of calm. Nope. It can also affect our skin (acne!), our energy, our digestion, and even our libido. So, essentially, it can affect everything. We do better with stress management when we work on more than one area. For example, making sure you get good sleep and using adaptogens to support your hormones and cognitive function.

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Build A Destress Routine

But there is also a benefit in building a routine around destressing. These 11 products to help you de-stress are simple and easy to use. And, in many cases, can be used pretty much anywhere and anytime. That means feeling better doesn’t need to be a whole new endeavor. It can be part of your everyday routine, and you can just continue thriving. Because when you take the time to make sure you are feeling your best, you can deliver your best to those who depend on you. Plus, you only get this one life, and you deserve to feel great! Here are the 11 best products to help you destress.

What are your favorite products to help you destress? Any that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

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Deep Relax Detergent

You have to wash your clothes anyway, so you might as well use a detergent that smells soothing. Now your favorite sweater will be even better!

Sleep Body Oil

Work this soothing, hydrating, and great-smelling body oil into your legs and arms before bed. Let the scent lull you into a relaxed sleep.

Stress Relief Cards

Take your meditation practice further by using guide cards. The prompts will help you get to the center of your thoughts and mindset.

Shiatsu Massager

Get into those tired, overworked muscles and feel the stress start to slip away. The heat option is a bonus that is well worth it!

Calming Bath & Body Oil

If you like to take baths, this oil can transform your regular soak into a retreat for destressing. It's an easy way to get maximum benefits from your self-care routine.

Set of 2 Essential Oils

What I love about this set is that it's easy to stash in my bag for on-the-go use. Now, no matter when stress strikes, I'm ready to find my inner calm.

Sleep Relax Candle

No destressing routine is complete without a candle! This one is scented with oils that help calm and relax... Just make sure you blow it out before you fall asleep!

Destress 360 Supplement

Stress can wreak havoc on our internal systems. This supplement uses adaptogens to increase calm, digestion, and focus. It helps destress from the inside out.

Shower Steamers

Not a bath person? No problem. These shower steamers deliver without you needing to take a soak. Just put one on the floor of your shower and let the hot water do the work.

Get Relaxed Tea

Tea has long been used as a soothing tool. This tea also contains herbs that support a deeper relaxation. Plus, there's no caffeine to keep you awake.

Destress Gummies

Ashwagandha is a powerhouse adaptogen for destressing. It works to help you feel better when you are stressed and build up a defense against stress.
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