It’s International Women’s Day and We’re Sharing An Incredibly Inspiring Woman!

On International Women’s Day, I am honored to share more about Amber and her amazing rise as a woman in the male-dominated tech industry.

Amber is leading a multi-billion dollar business (yep, with a “B”), all while raising 4 young children, supporting other female entrepreneurs and looking gorgeous while doing it!

What advice would you give young women looking to succeed in the primarily male-dominated tech industry?

Q&A with Amber Venz Box

- Lean into your strengths. - Perform the role that you want to have, don’t wait for permission or for someone to ask.

What advice would you give women who are looking to reinvent themselves, start a business, or just try something new?

- Launch! - I love the quote that says “the idea is free, hustle sold separately” because you can never succeed if you don’t launch Do not try to launch with a fully perfected product.

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