Confused About Which Diet Is Right For You? Here’s The Run Down On 3 Popular Diets

It only takes a simple internet search to quickly realize there is a lot of information about which diets are best. And if you’ve ever tried any of them, it can be even more difficult to know which will help you optimize your nutrition.

Between keto, reverse dieting, and cleanses, there is a lot of information AND misinformation to sift through. We understand the feeling. To make your life easier, we’re breaking down three popular diets, assessing the pros & cons, and helping you find which diet is right for you. 

The Keto diet, also called the ketogenic diet, is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. The basic premise is to consume a low number of carb grams and a higher level of protein and fats. When you replace your carb intake with fat, you put your body into ketosis.



The Takeaway

Keto works to help you lose weight and fat quickly, but it’s difficult to maintain. Plus, there are some people that should not use this diet.

The Paleo diet takes its name from the prehistoric Paleolithic Era. The idea is that we should eat like our early ancestors- the hunters and gatherers. According to Paleo followers, our farming technology and ability to create new foods developed faster than our bodies, so those new foods are actually difficult for our bodies to process.



The Takeaway

Paleo is a great way to lose weight sustainably because it encourages you to eat more lean meat and vegetables, but it can get expensive.

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