10 (Not) Really Fun Things No One Tells You About Menopause

When most women think about menopause, the first images that come to mind are hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, vaginal dryness and a low sex drive.

So, tell us something we don’t already know about “the change.” Well, it turns out there are plenty of additional side effects that few people talk about. These are 10 (not) really fun things no one tells you about menopause.

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Hot Flashes Last Longer Than a Flash

Hot flashes are caused by a drop in estrogen levels, which impacts that gland that handles body temperature. When this happens, it can be prolonged, especially at night.

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You’re Gonna Need a Nap

Even if you are getting some rest at night, menopause obviously does a number on your sleep cycle. And, trouble sleeping at night takes a toll on your body, impacting energy levels, emotions, weight, and even your libido.

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You May Feel Antisocial

If you’ve always been a social butterfly or a bit of an extrovert, you may be surprised when you suddenly feel like spending more time alone. Menopause can be an introspective time, so don’t just jump to the conclusion that you’re depressed.

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You May Have More Bad Cholesterol

Turns out estrogen does a lot more than help regulate our periods. It keeps LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) low and HDL cholesterol (the good kind) high. As estrogen decreases during menopause, LDL tends to rise while HDL stays the same.

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Double-Down on Moisturizer

Oil production drops as your estrogen levels decrease, and that can cause excess dryness that leads to flaky skin. Use a richer, more hydrating moisturizer or facial oil to help your complexion.

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