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Best Bedding, Pillows and PJs For a Cool, Comfortable Night’s Sleep

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Say Goodbye To Night Sweats!

Cooling temps don’t always equate to a cool night’s sleep. Having been in menopause for several years, I have carefully crafted a setup that, come bedtime, turns my bedroom into my own personal igloo. (My husband, bless his heart, tolerates it. Although he does dramatically complain, “There’s snow coming out of the vents!” as if it is his nightly prayer.) When darkness falls in our ever-sticky South Florida town, the smart thermostats begin working their way down. The final destination: 67 degrees. But that only cools the air in the room. Once body heat becomes trapped beneath the covers, it can feel as if I’m snuggling up to a furnace. So, after much careful research and a lot of UPS deliveries, I’ve put together enough cooling elements to sleep like a baby, sweat-free. To this end, I’m sharing with all of you so you too can stay cool while you sleep. There truly is nothing better than a cool, comfortable night’s sleep!

Do you have any tips or favorite items that help you get through the night? If so, please share by commenting below. All suggestions are welcome! You can find many more informative posts about menopause here. To get blog posts delivered directly to your inbox, along with some incredible style resources, be sure to sign up for the newsletter here.


Cool Pajamas

Soma Cool Nights pajamas are a must for anyone who suffers from night sweats. Not only is the fabric cooling, but the designs are actually pretty. And there's a style for everyone, from nightshirts to sets with long pants to shorties with camis. Bonus: sizing is inclusive and bottoms come in short, regular and tall!

A Pillow That Doesn't Heat Up

No need to flip your pillow several times a night to get to the cool side, thanks to the I Am Cool pillow. It has temperature-regulating technology that draws moisture away from the skin and spreads it evenly across the pillow surface, allowing it to evaporate more quickly, and it's hypoallergenic.
I Am Cool pillow

Cooling Sheets

This sheet set's "state-of-the-art" cooling treatment lets you get comfortable beneath the covers and stay that way all night long. Antimicrobial technology keeps bacteria buildup down, and the linens are free of all chemicals and potentially harmful substances.

Cooling Mattress Pad

In addition to wicking away moisture and hugging your mattress tightly for a perfect fit, the CoolMax Mattress Pad is ultra-cushiony, adding another layer of comfort to your sleep setup.

A Bedside Fan Like No Other

Quiet, stylish, and — most importantly — effective, this Dyson fan is worth the investment. The absence of whirring fan blades means it's quiet. Air Multiplier technology allows it to cool the entire room by issuing a steady stream of smooth air. And, it comes with a remote control.
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  1. You FEATURED an orange print bathing suit
    twice, the last time under a blue and white rash guard (Disney video)
    I have never seen info for it listed. If its still available, COULD I have the info?

  2. I am 43 and ”love” the night sweats that being in menopause brings. I will try those cute


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