Got Packing Anxiety? Here are 2 Complete Lists so You’ll Look & Feel AMAZING on Your Trip to Italy!

Everything You Need to Pack for Italy

Do you experience packing anxiety leading up to a big trip? If so, you are NOT alone. There are several BUSBEE team members who definitely do. But, we think it’s such a shame to waist all that time and energy feeling anxious…so we want to keep things as simple as possible for you. In this post, we have two very comprehensive packing lists for your upcoming trip to Italy. These lists could also work for Spain, Portugal and other hot spots. One list is for carry-on only and the other is a little more maximalist for those of you who plan to check bags.

Erin and her family recently traveled to Italy and she chose to check a bag because she wanted to have tons of beautiful choices and, of course, share lots of glam, Italy-inspired outfits with all of you! To see more photos of all of her gorgeous outfits from Italy, be sure to check out this post (20+ outfits!) Okay, are you ready to dive into packing?? Let’s do this.

You can find Erin’s essential packing tips here. She’s been to nearly 40 countries, so she really is a pro!

Everything You Need to Pack for Italy

What to Pack for Italy lemon ceramics in Italy

Italy packing list

What To Pack for Italy in a Checked Bag

First up is the packing list Erin put together before she left for Italy. We would call this a maximalist packing list…this is definitely not packing light! She packed all of the items above into a large checked suitcase, a carry-on suitcase, and a tote bag. She also used these amazing compression cubes that really helped save space!

If you’re looking for Erin’s Italy itinerary, you can find it here. Plus, all of her gorgeous outfits here.

What to Pack for Italy

Italy carry on packing list

What To Pack for Italy in a Carry-On Suitcase

We took the packing list Erin created and simplified it so that you still have all of the basics and a few fun pieces to get excited about…but it will all fit into a carry-on suitcase. If you’re looking to upgrade your carry-on suitcase, we linked a few great options at different price points below. And don’t forget that your personal item (the bag you put under the seat in front of you on the plane) is just as important as your suitcase…we shared how to pack a personal item here if you need tips!

Looking for more travel content? You can find it all here.

green dress What to Pack for Italywhite pleated gown in Italy

Interested in Erin’s Italy outfits? Be sure to read this post next!

Italy Packing Tips

Italy Packing Tips

We’re sharing a few quick things to consider when packing for your Italian summer getaway…

  • Italy Weather – Erin shared that it was warm but without humidity, so she really enjoyed the weather. It gets chilly at night in Rome, Positano, and Capri so she was happy to have a lightweight sweater and jackets to switch up her looks. Plus, you’ll need something to cover your shoulders if you’re visiting religious sites (cover shoulders and most of your legs) so having that 3rd layer is essential.
  • Travel Between Cities – Everything you read online says you should pack light for Italy because you’ll be lugging your suitcase up lots of steep stairs and hills. Erin confirmed that in Positano and Capri, having as much luggage as she did was definitely difficult.
  • Italian Style – Italians really understand the value of looking chic and polished. IF your goal is to avoid standing out as a tourist, consider wearing tailored, high-quality pieces in more neutral colors and breathable natural fabrics like cotton and linen. When in doubt, pack high-quality basics!

Have you visited Italy…Please share your favorite spots and places to stay in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Got Packing Anxiety? Here are 2 Complete Lists so You’ll Look & Feel AMAZING on Your Trip to Italy!

  1. Hi, I’m Francesca, and I’m Italian. I live in Italy, in Turin, in the North-West of Italy. I am of Tuscan origin, specifically from Forte dei Marmi, where I spend the summer. Forte dei Marmi is one of the most exclusive holiday locations, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea (to be clear, it is located between Portofino and Florence), north of Rome). Not far from Portofino. If you plan a trip or a holiday here, remember that the way of dressing is very different from that of Positano. There are fewer long dresses and for going to the beach the outfit consists of a white caftan-style shirt with a pair of denim shorts or capri trousers. For the evening, the sporty-chic style goes: white jeans with a top and, to cover the shoulders on very humid August evenings, light stoles (sometimes in cashmere). Shoes: sneakers, more current style models The style is between Milanese and the French one of Saint Tropez, less ‘fancy’ than that of southern Italy. Here on the beach, a bikini is a must, even for those over 40. Straw or fabric beach bags, essential, XXL size (Tote BAG). The bags for the evening are instead small in size, very often clutches. Always for the evening, signature jewels, not showy but precious.

    About me: I am a freelance journalist contributor to Vanity Fair Italia, I have a motor disability and I try to combine this style with what I can wear, I wrote a book on adaptive fashion where I also mentioned Erin and the advice she gave me on sneakers and shoulder bags… I suggest including posts on your Busbee Style blog dedicated to an adaptive wardrobe suitable for women with motor, visual, hearing and sensorial disabilities…unfortunately, disability affects many women in many forms, but they have the same right to elegance as non-disabled women.

    Thank you, Francesca

    1. Thank you so much for sharing all of this excellent “insiders” information with us, Francesca! Great notes. We’re honored to hear that our tips and suggestions have been helpful for you and truly feel grateful that you’re a part of this amazing community of women. We DO hope to share elegant style tips and inspiration for all women. ~Team Busbee

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