How To Wear Thigh High Boots

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Aren’t those hooker boots? Like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman?”

The answer is…yes… and no. These nearly thigh-high boots definitely walk that fine line between classy and trashy.

To play it REALLY safe. Wear your thigh-high boots over jeggings or skinny jeans in a lighter blue denim (so the boots will pop)

You can also try them with a skirt (like I did below). BUT (and this is a big ‘JLo sized’ but), keep everything else in your look demure and understated.

It all goes back to my one skin rule. If you are going to show off some leg, keep the upper body covered. Under no circumstances should you wear these boots with a skirt and a boob shirt.

You may also want to add some sheer black tights for added security.

And, as if the boots weren’t enough to catch your eye, check out the Saint Laurent carryall bag (below). It is GORGE!

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Color-block Sweater

Black Skirt

Black Boots

Bordeaux Bag

Short Gold Necklace

Long Gold Necklace

Black Sunglasses, Celine, Similar Here

Gold Earrings



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