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Makeup Must Haves

Makeup Must Haves | Ride or Die Tag 

I should have mentioned this in the VIDEO, but the Ride or Die tag, created by YouTube great, Jaclyn Hill, as a vehicle for YouTubers to share their favorite beauty products.
These are the products you would want to take with you on a desert island…
The ones you reach for day-after-day.

I don’t really ‘do my makeup’ everyday. 
Since I work from home, I only put on a full face about 2 to 3 times a week.

However, when I do take the time to do my makeup, I want to have products that are easy to use, easy to blend, natural and add a glow.
I have very dry skin so I like a subtle glow to brighten everything up, and make my skin look more youthful and moisturized.
At 42, I also have aging skin. I have to be careful to use products that won’t sit in creases in my forehead and under my eyes.

So…with all of that in mind, please watch my Ride or Die Tag VIDEO.

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