Styling Basics | Style Reboot #3 | VIDEO


Styling Basics | Style Reboot #3

 Styling Basics | Styling Reboot #3


In the VIDEO above I share some essential styling basics…
Remember these are JUST guidelines.
At the end of the day, you wear what you feel most confident and comfortable wearing. 
These guidelines help mostly with professional wardrobes…
AND, for those versatile wardrobe basics.
It’s important to make sure you have those basics before you buy the ‘fun’ and ‘flashy.’
For example, I talk about characteristics for the basic black blazer.
This doesn’t mean you can’t have a blazer with more detail, ruffles, etc.
I’m merely suggesting you think about owning or investing in a classic one so you give yourself more versatility.



In the video I talk about your trouser hemlines and skirt hemlines.
The trouser hemline suggestion is for traditional bootcut, straight or wide leg pants.
The skirt hemline suggestion is mostly relevant for the work place. 

Watch my VIDEO on trouser hemlines here.


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I also give you some specs for finding the best, most versatile black blazer.
I did a whole video on this topic. You can check that out here.


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Colors & Prints

When in doubt when it comes to wearing color and prints…
Wear one standout color and keep everything else neutral
(Meaning blacks, grays, navy, taupes, white)

The same is true for prints.
If you are a little nervous about wearing prints, try one piece at first.

And, keep the rest of your look very quiet and subdued. 
You could always add a color or print pop with your accessories,
like a printed bag, or bright earrings, for example.


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Buzz worthy …


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