16 Best Ski Brands for Women Who Want To Look Stylish On The Slopes This Year

Best Ski Brands

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…ski season! Living in Telluride, we have some of the best skiing in Colorado (in my completely unbiased opinion ;)). I wasn’t always this excited about ski season…believe it or not, I used to kind of dread it. Mostly because of two things…fear and the cold. Now, I have a whole new relationship with skiing, and I enjoy it SO much more! That’s because 1) with consistently skiing, I’ve gotten more confident doing it and 2) I figured out how to stay warm on the slopes! Living in a small ski town, you learn about allll the best ski gear and warmest ski clothes. It’s SO important to have the right gear and ski wear from top ski brands in order to feel comfortable and confident while skiing. I’m sharing a roundup of the best ski brands of 2024 (and every year) that will keep you looking stylish and feeling warm next time you hit the slopes. Whether you’re at your favorite spot in Colorado or enjoying the French Alps, these top ski brands will have you looking stylish and staying warm.

I shared five of my new ski outfits for the 2024 season in this post. If you’re interested, make sure you check out that post next…There are some really exciting, on-trend, and warm pieces you won’t want to miss!

best ski brands for women, best ski wear brands

Best Ski Suits

Quick note: I have all of the ski brands broken down by categories like suits, pants, jackets, etc. But it’s important to note that the brands I’m sharing below have great ski gear in all categories. Meaning that just because one brand is under “jackets” doesn’t mean it’s not good for pants, sweaters, or suits. All of these brands are super high-quality ski brands with durable performance fabrics and stylish touches.

Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment is a sportswear brand designed by former professional skier and extreme sports filmmaker Thierry Donard. It’s inspired by the Northern Lights, so you’ll see lots of starry prints and fun colors. Every style is tested on Arctic winter terrain to make sure it’s functional! I bought these pants in black a few years ago and also bought them in white last year. They are SO good, and they stay up because of the suspenders. If you’re looking for a fun, funky pair of pants, I bought these metallic pants this year and love how on-trend they are! I also have the brand’s iconic ski sweater in black but it comes in a bunch of other colors, is super warm, and is so comfortable for skiing.
Shop more Perfect Moment here.


Cordova makes the most gorgeous ski suits. The suit I’m wearing in the photo above is by Cordova and I love it! It’s so high-quality that it’s lasted for years. It’s also so warm and dry, comfortable, and stylish. I love the 80s-inspired look (which is also very on-trend right now). My husband told me I looked like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill… and I will take it!! The brand is led by co-founders Jane and Cody Seim who create really chic tailored ski clothing that allows for fashion and function. Their fabrics are water-repellent (a must to stay warm), breathable, and very high-quality. They also have beautiful jackets, pants, and base layers.


Goldbergh has been a ski household name for over 10 years now. It’s known for its bold, standout styles that have amazing construction and fit. Their fabrics are water repellant, windproof, and structured so you feel sucked in (in the best way!) and stay warm. The brand was founded by a sports-store owner Sandra Peet and renowned sportswear designer Lieke van den Berg. All of their pieces are super fashion-forward, feminine, luxurious, and have unique style details that turn heads. Don’t forget to check out their pants, knits, and jackets too! I’m linking some faves from the brand below. I got this hot pink suit this year and have gotten SO many compliments.

See me wearing the pink Goldberg suit and more of my favorite ski outfits from this year in this post.

black SAM freestyle puffer jacket

Best Ski Jackets

 SAM. New York

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know how much I love SAM. jackets. I own multiple pieces and they’re all super stylish and warm. If you want a super modern and versatile, everyday puffer jacket, check out Sam. All of their pieces have stylish and unique details like a shiny finish, shearling or leather accents, belted waist, etc. This is not technically a ski brand. But their puffers are so warm that I’ve skied in them and been completely comfortable! The navy puffer I’m wearing above is wind-resistant, water repellent, and the stand collar keeps your neck warm. I love the navy, but it comes in 9 other colors. I’ve linked a few of my favorites below…


Moncler is a very luxurious, high-end designer for all your ski clothing needs. They have a couple of different performance fabrics that differ by jacket style. But they’re all very high quality and will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. They also have fabulous suits, pants, knits, and accessories!

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen was started in 1877 when sea captain Helly Juell Hansen wanted to find a better way to keep his crew protected from the Norwegian elements. Soon after, Helly and his wife launched a business making oilskin jackets, pants, and more, made from coarse linen soaked in linseed oil. The brand is trusted by ski professionals across the world and their high-performance fabrics keep you comfortable, warm and dry… and looking like a pro on the slopes. I linked a few options below…each of them comes in multiple color options too!

Best Ski Brands for Women, one-piece ski suit jumpsuit by Cordova


Sportalm is an Austrian luxury brand that’s been a favorite brand in Europe for years. Their pieces are super cute and I love that their jackets always have an interesting detail that makes them feel more special than your average ski jacket. They also have high-performance fabrics that will keep you warm while you hit the slopes. The jacket I’m wearing above is by Sportalm and I love the fun shiny details, the warmth, and the fit! It’s no longer available but you can find more options on their site.


Klaus Obermeyer’s true love of the sport of skiing is what created the Obermeyer ski company and brand. They’ve created innovative fabric technology and are known for a lot of ski industry “firsts” like the down ski parka, ski stopper, traditional ski sweater, double-lens goggles, and more. They have great jackets, coats, base layers, etc. that you really can’t go wrong with. Fun fact: Klaus Obermeyer is 103 years old and still skiing…He’s celebrating his 100th year of skiing during the 2022-2023 ski season!


Arc’teryx is a Telluride favorite. The brand has been around for over 20 years and is known for its GORE-TEX fabric, a 3-layer fabric that creates the most breathable, durable, water-repellent, and windproof pieces. Of note, their pieces aren’t the most stylish option on this list, but you’ll definitely be warm! I bought my husband, Chris an Arc’teryx jacket for Christmas one year and he says it’s a game-changer. It’s worth noting that he’s not the type to pay up for outerwear. He says the Macai jacket is worth every penny if you’re looking for a ski jacket for the man in your life. I linked a few options available on Amazon but you can shop for more options directly on their site.

color block bodysuit by Topshop SNO | Best Ski Brands for Women

Ski Pants For Women


Bogner has been around for over 90 years and their incredible fabrics and stylish details are proof they know what they’re doing! All of their pieces, not just pants, are great!


Spyder is a Colorado-based brand started in 1978 and focused on making ski clothing with “advanced technical composition.” Their pieces are wonderful for your next ski trip and a good price point if you’re a regular skier. They also have great jackets! They have men and women’s styles available so you can stock up on ski gear for the whole family if you need to.


All Nils fabrics have waterproofing to keep moisture out, a tight weave to keep warmth in, and either 2-way or 4-way stretch for the best fit and comfort. They have wonderful classic pant options and a few fun pieces too if you want to take your ski style up a notch!

The North Face

The North Face is one of the most well-known and easily recognized sportswear brands for outdoor activities and activewear. So it’s no surprise they have great ski gear too! I included them in the pants category, but all of the ski pieces are great. Make sure you check out the different benefits of each of the fabrics and materials they have to offer so that you can choose the best one for your needs. No matter what, you’ll need something that’s insulated and waterproof at the very least.


Kjus was founded by professional racer Lasse Kjus. When a brand is worn by Olympic gold medalists, you know it’s legit (and warm). Their pieces are classic and chic but most of their appeal is in the performance fabrics. 

best ski clothing for women

Ski Sweaters For Women

Perfect Moment

I know I already mentioned Perfect Moment in the ski suits section. But they are worth mentioning again for the best ski sweaters too! I linked a few of my favorites below. Even if you don’t ski, these sweaters are so chic with jeans for your perfect après ski look. I have their iconic, most recognizable sweater that says ski across the front and has the brand’s star logo on the sleeves. The black is most versatile but they have some really fun color options I linked for you below.

Erin Snow

Erin Snow has some really chic ski clothing for anyone looking to elevate (pun intended) their ski style. The site says “Together with her husband, the two founded Erin Snow with the belief that women should feel as confident and empowered in their performance wear as they are in their weekday wardrobe.” Which is a mission I LOVE! If the mission statement alone doesn’t convince you…well, they’ve also developed wonderful fabric technology to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable, with a fabulous fit. I linked a few of their other pieces too that are gorgeous! 

We Norwegians

This brand makes beautiful, classic pieces that will integrate seamlessly into your ski or apres ski wardrobe. I love the look of their merino wool tops and sweaters but they also have chic ski suits and base layers. I also love that the brand has high standards when it comes to sustainability. Because of that, all of their fabrics are super high-quality. The clean, simple pieces are perfect for the skiing who wants to stay warm while skiing but also look sophisticated and chic while lounging after they go skiing.

Ski Boots For Women

The best ski boot brand out there (in my opinion) is Salomon. If you’re a frequent skier, I’d invested in a pair of ski boots that have built-in heaters, so your feet don’t get cold. I linked a few Salomon options below, but you’ll really need to determine what feels good for you when it comes to ski boots. You’ll want to consider firmness, width, terrain, etc.
If you’re looking for some tips for keeping your feet warm without heated boots, consider heated socks, boot warmers, wool ski socks, boots gloves, or toe warmers.

Ski Helmets For Women

Ski helmets are a must for safety! The other beautiful thing about wearing a ski helmet… they keep you VERY warm!! Game-changers! Three popular brands are POC, Smith, and Bollé. If you want even more warmth, you can wear a balaclava under your helmet. On frigid days, pull your hood up over your ski helmet and add a neck warmer too!
For those who love music and/or need to be able to answer the phone, I highly recommend adding a Bluetooth headset to your helmet. It’s AWESOME!

Ski Goggles For Women

Same thing with ski goggles…they’re great for protection but completely up to you in terms of what kind you want. POC and Smith are very popular but there are plenty of other options out there and you could choose a pair from any of the other wonderful designers I’ve mentioned above as well.

Ski Gloves For Women

Keeping your hands warm is often an effort in futility. To keep your hands warm I recommend wearing mittens, not gloves. The warmest mittens are made of down. And, heated gloves or mittens are a game-changer! A few years ago, I invested in heated mittens. The options are lean, and I will be the first to admit the aesthetics of my heated mittens are not the best. And they’re pretty expensive. BUT, your hands stay warm!

If that’s not in your budget, you can always throw the disposable hand warmers in your mittens. They work really well for about 4 hours+ so if you want to go this route, I would bring a backup pair in your jacket. By the way, you don’t want to buy these on the mountain as they will be double, maybe triple, the price.

For more tips on how to stay warm while skiing, make sure you read this post.

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