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The Best Tips On How To Style A Curvy Body Type

Styling A Curvy Body

I get requests all the time about styling other body types. So today…I’m finally doing it! You’ll see in the photos (below) that I’m styling Anna, a school teacher here in Telluride. She’s wearing head to toe spring looks from JCPenney and I’m explaining why each piece works for her curvy body type.

I uploaded a VIDEO version of this post that you can watch here.

Must Watch Video

Another great resource for curvy body types… this video featuring 24 tips on how to hide a tummy.

Curvy figure clothing model about to show best styles for a curvy hourglass body type

Meet Anna

Anna is a music teacher in Telluride, Colorado. She works with kids Pre-K to 3rd grade as well as some high school kids. She likes to be comfortable and functional because she’s on her feet all day. Most of her outfits need to be casual and comfortable, but she also looks for dressier outfits for date night and performances.

Anna’s Style Struggles

With a curvy body, Anna says it’s hard to find clothes that fit and flatter her body. She says it’s also tough to dress here in Colorado because of the unpredictable and sometimes severe weather. People also dress very casually here in this mountain resort town.

Anna’s Style – Modern Classic

perfect outfit for a curvy hourglass body figure type white jeans and tan sandals

Tips For A Curvy Body Type

  • Tailored and Body Skimming Clothing Show Off Your Shape! Sometimes we wear bigger clothing to hide our problem areas. If you are curvy, you may look larger wearing clothes with all over volume. Wearing fitted or body-skimming pieces will actually create a more slimming look. If you do wear a billowy top, wear something fitted on your lower half.
  • Know What Flatters YOUR Body. There are certain styles that can make you look slimmer. For example, wrap tops/dresses work beautifully to hide a tummy while still creating a feminine and beautiful hourglass shape. I posted ten tips to help you look slimmer here.
  • Use Accessories Strategically Wear pieces and accessories that draw the eye away from a problem area. For example, a statement necklace or interesting neckline draws the eye up toward your face.
  • Colors & Prints. We all know this, but it’s worth repeating. Dark colors are more slimming! When it comes to prints, bigger prints will make you look larger, so you might prefer smaller scale prints like polka dots. Vertical stripes are also very slimming and flattering. When in doubt with prints, wear one piece and keep the rest of your look neutral.
  • Shapewear. Consider investing in quality shapewear. I prefer skirts with shapewear so I don’t have a big issue in the bathroom. I also love a tank with tummy control.
  • Fabric Choice. More structured fabrics will help hide lumps and bumps. If you are curvy and want to look slimmer, structured fabrics are the best.
  • Know Your Body Shape. Understanding YOUR body is key! Once you see it, you can dress to maximize your assets and minimize your problem area.  I’ve done a video on identifying your body type that you can watch here.
  • Try Different Sizes. A size 12 at one store may not be a size 12 at another store. That’s why it’s a good idea to try different sizes! Order two or three sizes, try them on, and decide what fits you best.

Curvy Bloggers You Might Like…

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Premme is a new plus size clothing line by plus size fashion influencers Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason. The fashion-forward and fun collection is available in sizes 12-30 and is super affordable! Nicolette and I were on the Ulta Beauty shoot together. I loved meeting her!!

fashion blogger over 40 years old Busbee Style styling a curvy body type and providing tips for women with an hourglass body shape

Pieces For Anna & Why They Are Flattering

I strategically chose pieces that flatter Anna’s body type. I also looked for things that worked for her style and lifestyle. Here’s a brief rundown on what I picked and why:

  • Dark Wash Skinny Jeans – Dark wash skinny jeans are a must-have and very flattering!
  • Blue Blouse – The peplum hem is loose and forgiving while the empire waist creates a beautiful shape. The keyhole neckline is sexy but modest. And the sleeves are lightweight, cool, and give lots of room. The ruching in the back adds another pretty detail. And the length is very flattering.
  • Black Strappy Heels – Perfect for date night!
  • Black Cross Front Top – It’s a classic black top with a twist. It’s black so it’s very slimming. The criss-cross detail is very sexy and it draws the eye up toward Anna’s face.
  • Black Mules – These are a gorgeous pair of heels and super sexy!
  • White Blouse – This top is fun, pretty and feminine. Since it’s a classic v neckline, it’s very flattering. The empire waist is another slimming detail. The top is billowy, but not too flowy. It’s body-skimming.
  • Layered Necklace – This is a necklace that comes pre-layered, which I love because it makes it more simple! It’s perfect with a v-neck top!
  • Floral Sneaker Flats – I love the floral print and that they have an open back! They’re comfortable and a fun pair of shoes for spring! They are perfect for school for Anna.
  • White Jeans – I love the split hem on these jeans. They frame a shoe beautifully.
  • Dark Blue Top – I love the cool strap detail because it makes the basic blouse look modern and fresh. The sleeves also give her a lot of room to move. It’s cool and lightweight for spring. And it has a SUPER flattering faux wrap front for hiding the tummy area while still giving you shape.
  • Brown Shoes – These shoes have fun strappy details that are pretty and fun for spring!
  • White Dress – This dress is pretty, bright, and lightweight. It’s a great length with a flattering and forgiving flowy skirt. Since it has a v-neck, you can wear a cami for more coverage. And the wrap style dress creates a gorgeous, hourglass shape.
  • Pink Metallic Sneakers –  They’re functional and stylish!
  • Black & White Dress – This sheath dress has beautiful (and strategic) contrasting white stripes that create an empire waist. The length of this dress is perfect…even on someone tall like Anna!
  • Matching Jacket – This jacket draped over your shoulder creates a very modern and chic feel. And the lines again are so slimming!!


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  1. Anna the school teacher looks fabulous in her new wardrobe.
    Contine dressing different body shapes!

    1. Thanks, Kristina! I hope to continue…it’s just 3x the work. Tough to find willing participants too. I’ll keep trying. Erin xo

  2. I loved this video!!
    You did a great job of showcasing curvy body types- you really get how fashion comes in all sizes. Bravo Erin- thank you1

  3. Hey Erin,
    Good video, but I must admit I was distracted by your great pink jacket! ☺ Could you please provide details about that? Thanks!

  4. Erin, i enjoyed your video … actually have missed seeing your videos. i think my favorite was the black and white dress. If i may ask, what about your blazer? love it!

  5. Loved this video! these are the things that I struggle with. Curvy body and a more casual job during the day. Thank you Anna and Erin for doing this. More please!

  6. Erin…. this was great! Please do a post for 5’5” 125lbs 36 27 35….kinda Rectangle kinda hourglass. Haha!!! Keep up your great work!!!

  7. Thank you erin, really enjoyed the video, wonderful VERSATILE outfit choices, enjoy your commentary about why you chose the items and how they flattered Anna. A wonderful way for us out here in blogosphere to learn. A very realistic fashion summary. that suits what most os us wear most of the time.

  8. Erin, i love your style and have beEN following your blOg for a few years. I was super excited to read today’s headline for styling a curvy bOdy! However I Ended up feeling very disappointed. WheRe were the amazing fashions you normally pOst, the highLy styled photos of the Model wearing fablous fashion pieces? Jcpenney only? Bummer! Us curVy gALs love a bargain as much as our Less curvy sisters but we also like more uPscale brands/retalers too. I Opened the blog tOday exPecting BusbeE inspiration but got onLy one photo of the model, and a bunch of just AVerage recommEndations. Sorry to be a critic because i’m a huge fan of yours. I just feel kind of SlightEd by the curvy girl blog post.

    Still a fan though,


    1. Did you watch the video? I don’t think there is anything ordinary about the gorgeous black and white sheath dress, the floral print open back sneakers, the pin-stripe wrap dress or the sexy crisscross tee. Thanks for your feedback!

      1. I didnt see the video! Sorry i missed it! I should have Realized i missed sometHing! ThAnk you for graciously Redirecting me. 🙂

        For the RecOrd, i have no idea why the font/text in my comment(s) is so odd! I did not type it as such.

        1. It sometimes does all caps too. SO strange. I am SO glad you watched the video and found a few treasures. Thank you so much, Stephanie!!

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