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12 Chic Slide-On Sandals For Ultimate Comfort

Slide-On Sandals to Wear Now & Later

I know most of us are wearing comfortable slippers or fuzzy socks right now. But for the days you want to feel a little more put together and actually get dressed, what shoes are you wearing? Sandals seem like the simplest option! When I’m shopping for sandals, I like to look for ones that are 1) comfortable… AND, 2) easy to get on and off. Those are my two biggest must-haves!

All of these slide-on sandals below are perfect for quarantine comfort AND wearing through the rest of summer when this is all over!

Comfortable Slide-On Sandals, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of BusbeeStyle.com sharing the best slides to wear now around the house and later during the summer months!

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#1 | Loop Sandals

These nude sandals are so cute and would be perfect with some denim shorts and a cute top!

#2 | Tory Burch Sandals

I don’t own any Tory Burch pieces but these sandals are some of the chicest ones I’ve seen! I love the color and luxe gold hardware! I love this new style. Feels more sophisticated.

#3 | Nude Birkenstocks

I know Birkenstocks are not the most stylish but they are super comfortable! Especially around the house or if you need to throw on some slides super quick on your way out the door! I really like the skin tone option!

#4 | Braided Net Slides

These slides are gorgeous! I love that they’re gold and the small net details are so pretty!

#5 | Gold Stitch Slides

These nude slides have beautiful gold stitching that adds just the right amount of sparkle to a look…

#6 | Golden Sandals

These gold sandals by Raye look SO luxe! I love the gold and criss-cross style.

#7 | Knotted Sandals

These sandals bring a lot of texture to a look. I love the knotted style and chic satin material.

#8 | Steve Madden Sandals

These Steve Madden sandals are SO comfortable! I got them because they look very similar to the woven Saint Laurent sandals. But the Steve Madden ones are way more comfortable and a fraction of the price!

#9 | Platform Slides

I have an older version of these slides and love them! They have a little height, which I really like. And the platform also gives more cushion. Sometimes with these slide-on sandals, there’s not a ton of support for your feet. But these are great!

#10 | Leopard Slides

These are really chic and I love that leopard print is still going strong! The tortoise buckle adds another layer of style too!

#11 | Sam Edelman Slides

These Sam Edelman sandals are a gorgeous deep brown color. The buckle is chic and they’re at a great price point!

#12 | Valentino Sandals

I haven’t tried these Valentino sandals so I can’t speak to their comfort. And I’m not usually a big logo lover… but these sandals look so chic! They are pricey but I wanted to throw in at least one designer option for you. These Steve Madden sandals are a blogger favorite right now and a great Valentino dupe. 

More Sandals

Have you tried any slide on sandals you’re loving? Are you wearing them around the house until you can wear them out? Let me know in the comments below!

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