Concealers That Make Mature Skin Look Fresher, Younger and Better

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The Best Concealers For Mature Skin

Concealer.  Hmm.  Sort of an insulting concept for a beauty product, don’t you think?  The idea that there’s something to hide or cover up never sat well with me.  So aside from tinted Clearasil in high school, I never bothered.  Frankly, I didn’t think I was missing much anyway.  The texture of most concealers was thick, chalky, and dry with oh-so-obvious results – no matter the condition of your skin.  Formulas didn’t improve much in the 90’s or aughts when matte continued to reign supreme.  Sure, they “concealed” a zit and blunted the severity of dark circles.  But your complexion wasn’t enhanced, and your skin didn’t look better.  Fortunately, today’s concealers are vastly improved.   With cutting-edge formulations that are rich, hydrating and often packed with active ingredients, concealers now do double and triple duty.  In fact, there are some amazing concealers for mature skin.

For tips on finding the perfect foundation for mature skin, check-out this post. For Erin’s new favorite concealer, this post is a must-read! Do you have a favorite concealer that I need to know about?  Please, do share in the comments!
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Glossier Stretch Concealer

This little pot is a game-changer for concealer-phobes like me. Creamy, light and buildable, this formula can be used as an under-eye concealer or all-over to help even skin tone. I have two shades (G10 and G11) that I use either alone or mixed, depending on what my skin needs. It doesn’t cake or grab onto dry patches so it gives a very natural finish. Great for all skin types. Imparts a nice glow.

IT Bye-Bye Under Eye

Like all other IT Cosmetics, this is built to last. This tube formula has serious staying power, so it’s ideal for someone who needs all-day coverage. But miraculously, it doesn’t cake or sink into fine lines. I use it under the eye and as a spot corrector, too. It’s pigment-rich so a little goes a long way. And I’m not kidding when I say a little – think head of a pin. I honestly think you could share a tube between 10 friends and still have plenty for yourself. Great for oilier complexions. No shimmer or glow.

Wander Beauty Conceal, Brighten and Blend

This double-sided concealer has a full-coverage matte stick on one end and a lightweight illuminating liquid on the other. They can be used separately or together for the perfect finish. It can prime lids for eyeshadow as well. The ingredients are pretty powerful too. Chamomile flower extract is soothing; green tea extract helps protect skin from free radicals, and sodium hyaluronate hydrates and plumps. Great for all skin types and ideal if you’re traveling or on the go. With a bit of glow, too.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

I’ll be honest and say I love this kit – except the packaging which seems to come apart easily. (I mentioned this at the Bobbi Brown counter and apparently, it’s just me.) The kit includes a creamy concealer and concealer powder. Sometimes I use both, sometimes I don’t. Great for all skin types and skin tones (lots of shades to choose from). Matte. No glow.

Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter

This was a happy surprise discovered on a recent Target outing. It combines the magic of cooling and depuffing effect with the power of a creamy concealer. It’s supposed to be under-eye only, but I use it around my nose and chin when I need it. Keep in mind that it only comes in 3 shades, so it may not work for all skin tones. But at less than $15, it’s worth trying! Best for oilier skin types. Matte. No glow.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

This concealer comes in a whopping 30 shades, so you’re sure to find the right match. It’s made with a botanical blend that hydrates, firms, reduces redness, and strengthens the look of skin by helping its barrier retain moisture. It also has light-diffusing properties, so the skin appears fresh and natural with a radiant finish. A little goes a long way, so a tube will last a while. Great for all skin types. A bit of a glow.

Fenty Instant Retouch Concealer

This is a full coverage long-wearing concealer. It has a creamy matte texture that also brightens under-eyes and conceals blemishes and redness. It’s sweatproof as well, so it’s ideal for super active days. As with all Fenty products, it offers an enormous range of shades – 50 in total! Great for all skin types and tones. Matte. No glow.

YSL Touche Eclat

Launched in 1992, this cult-classic clickable pen is more highlighter than concealer. Nonetheless, it does wonders to enhance your skin (six Touche Éclat pens are sold every minute, somewhere in the world). The best way is to apply it on top of the cheekbone/side of the outer corner of the eye. Draw 5 to 6 long strokes and then press and push it with your fingers to the skin for an instant lift. This step will brighten the eye on the outer corner and lift the cheekbone at the same time. Great for all skin types and skin tones (14 shades). Luminous and natural.
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