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Style Made Simple

My most recent style challenge is something we all face: aging. Even though I still feel like I’m thirty, I just turned forty-five, and I have made modifications to my style. I used to wear shorter skirts and dresses, but now I really think twice before I put on a short skirt or dress. Modifying can feel scary or limiting! Not only that, but it can cause an overwhelming sense of uncertainty while shopping. This paralyzing feeling happens even to me, who has literally made a career out of shopping and styling women! I want to look modern and current, but my new fears are always in the back of my mind. Do I look like I’m trying too hard? It’s a fine line. None of us want to slowly descend into frump town, become invisible, or worse still … look desperate to reclaim youth.
That’s one of many reasons why I created this workbook-style guide for you.

Style Made Simple walks you through a very simple process that I used for years with dozens of clients. This step-by-step journey will not only help you become more stylish, but it will also help you find YOU again.

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