How To Get Better Sleep With These Sleep Routine Essentials

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Get the Better Sleep You Crave

We all know that getting good sleep sets us up for a fruitful and positive day. Even so, we sacrifice our sleep to get more done. As busy professionals, moms, and partners, we often work late into the night at the expense of rest. Also, sometimes we just struggle to get good-quality sleep. The bags under our eyes get so big and dark, they are designer, and no amount of under-eye concealer hides them. But it doesn’t have to be like this, and you can change the pattern. Getting better sleep tonight is possible with routine changes that signal to your body it is time to sleep, such as reducing screen use, reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption, creating a relaxing bedtime routine, making a comfortable sleep space, and setting a regular wake-up time.

Do you want some help getting started with these ideas? I’ve rounded up the top products for you. Now you’ll know exactly how to get better sleep with these sleep routine necessities!

How do you invest in your sleep? Let me know what strategies you use in the comments below.

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Blue Light Glasses

Our screens emit a blue light that mimics daylight. Our bodies naturally synch to daylight, so when we use our technology into the night, we tell our bodies it’s still daytime. The quick fix is to use blue light glasses. They filter the light and keep your brain from being over-stimulated.

Breathable Cotton Pajamas

Having comfortable pajamas is important to sleeping well. You want something that keeps you cozy but also keeps your body temperature regulated. Breathable fabrics like cotton will help. 

Cooling Sheets

There’s not much worse than waking up in the middle of the night in a fop sweat because your sheets trap all of your body heat. Organic cotton sheets are a great choice. They sheets work by pulling your body heat away from you and up through the fabric. The airflow is better, and it helps keep you cool and comfortable. Plus, good-quality cooling sheets feel luxurious and special too.

White Noise Machine & Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you are especially sensitive to sound, or you live in an old house that creaks and groans at night, a white noise machine can help block the noises that keep you awake or wake you during the night. You can choose from sounds like rain, ocean, fan, or simply white noise. This one also has a timer and an alarm clock that supports your regular wake-up time by slowly introducing you to your day. Instead of ripping you awake, it works with your natural rhythms to gradually wake you.

Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are not just for caricatures of boozy housewives. They really work. By blocking out extra light, they help your brain stay in sleep mode. It makes it easier for you to stay in the deep restful REM sleep. Here’s a simple, good-quality option.

Hot Bedtime Tea

Drinking something warm as you get ready for bed is soothing to your body. Herbal teas can help relax you too. My nighttime routine includes a mug of hot tea while I read in bed. It’s part of my ritual, and it works by making me feel cozy and as a signal sleep is coming.


If you’re a regular nighttime drinker, you may not even notice the effects of alcohol on your sleep. I’m not saying you should stop drinking altogether, but you should stop drinking with enough time for your body to process the alcohol before you go to bed. If you’re looking for an alcohol alternative, there are a lot of fun mocktails you can make with a SodaStream.

Classic Literature

Reading in bed is a long-practiced way of getting yourself to fall asleep. Because your brain is focused on the story, it lets go of the day, which brings you closer to rest. Just make sure you choose a book that isn’t stimulating (no “just one more chapter” reading until 2 am!). The classics are great choices. Their more intricate language makes reading slower, which can help you relax.

Coffee Alternatives

If you feel you really need that afternoon boost, try coffee alternatives that use adaptogens and herbs to stimulate your body without caffeine.

Lavender Lotion

Lavender is an aromatic that supports relaxation. Giving yourself a leg and foot massage with lavender lotion can soothe your skin and promote rest and relaxation.

Nighttime Journal

Maybe you spend time in bed thinking through the next day’s To-Do list or rehashing a conversation you had. A journal will help. By dumping your thoughts and feelings into the journal, you free your brain from them. You’re not looking to solve problems, just get them down on paper, so you don’t have to remember them. The act of writing slows down your brain and stops the spiral.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are a great way to lull yourself to sleep. Sleep stories are narratives with very little plot. Usually, they are descriptions of things or places, like train rides, forests or coffee shops, and they last about 20 minutes. When I read one, I rarely make it to the end of the story.

Weighted Blanket

First used in occupational therapy settings, weighted blankets provide deep pressure stimulation. They work by surrounding you with gentle weight, like a really good hug. They increase your serotonin and help you relax. It’s important you choose the correct size blanket. It should be around 10% of your body weight. Too heavy and you could compromise your comfort.

A High-quality Mattress

Your mattress could be another culprit in not getting good sleep. With new technologies, you can now get a mattress that supports your body, no matter what your preferred sleep position is. They can also help reduce how much you feel your bed partner moving, and can even help eliminate snoring. The Nectar mattress is highly recommended for people who sleep in all positions.

All-weather Jacket

One of the best ways you can prime yourself for better sleep tonight is to get a good dose of sunlight in the morning. Stimulating your body to be awake in the morning allows your body to naturally synch to the day. You’ll become tired in the evening and will be ready for sleep without too much intervention. If going for a 20-minute walk isn’t part of your routine yet, spring is a great time to start. Seeing your neighborhood bloom will help you feel connected and more at peace as you start your day. Be ready for your walk with this great all-weather jacket.
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Julianna Cario is a wife, mom to four boys, and loves learning about all things health and wellness, especially gut-health. Julianna has worked as a freelance writer for nine years and a Secondary English teacher for 13 years. A bread-maker and smeller-of old-books, she can be found barefoot outdoors as much as possible. She believes mindset is everything and relishes the uncomfortable feelings that come with personal growth. And while eggs are her favorite food, if she had one meal remaining, she'd choose grilled salmon served rare.
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  1. I love the Calm app! The bedtime stories always help me get to sleep. I hardly ever am awake until the end of one!

    1. The Calm app is amazing! I’ve never made it to the end of one either! Glad it helps you.

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