Holiday Gift Ideas For Him

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 I have worked with both male and female clients.
I can tell you with certainty, when it comes to clothes, men are SO much easier to dress. 

But, for some reason, when it comes to buying gifts….the opposite is true.
Why is it so hard to pick out gifts for the men in our lives??

I know why my husband is difficult…because if he really wants something, he buys it for himself.
Plus, he has a VERY specific thing in mind. 
For example, I once bought him a leather wallet and he said, I always use the same wallet by King Ranch.
And, when this one wears out, I have an extra ready to go in my desk.
I asked him about buying fishing gear because he loves to fish…and he looked horrified. 
He’s right… I wouldn’t know where to start.
I can’t pretend to understand the nuances of fishing rods and lures. (Is that what they’re called? Or Bait?)

… See my point?

Anyway, I put together a gift guide for men that I’m hoping will help us all! 

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Thank you so much for stopping by, sweet ladies!!!

Erin xo


1) Camel Corduroy Sportscoat \\ Nordstrom Rack

This is a handsome jacket. I can see this with a black turtleneck (professor chic)
Or a white button down shirt (classic) with jeans.
I bought my husband a similar one a few years back… and he’s worn it more than I expected…around once a year.
But, when he does bust it out… it makes me happy. 
Okay, so maybe this one is more of a present for you.

2) Cashmere Crewneck Sweater \\ Macy’s

This color looks good on everyone…
And, it’s that color that men are willing to wear, without feeling like they are pushing the envelope.

It looks good alone or layered under a sportscoat (above) or blazer.
Plus, you know it’s soft if it is cashmere and will be great for snuggling.

3) Leather Gloves \\ Saks Fifth Avenue

A classic…
Good looking, black leather gloves! Can’t go wrong.

4) Pocket Monkey Tool \\ Nordstrom

Name a guy who doesn’t love a gizmo?
Plus, this will legitimately, potentially help the guy, son, nephew in your life survive.
…If they ever find themselves in a bad situation (which hopefully they won’t.)

5) Silk Tie \\ Nordstrom

I love this color. Such a beautiful cobalt blue tie.
This will work well with almost every skin tone and it certainly doesn’t feel boring…
But, it’s classic enough for all ages.

6) Insulated Leather Moto Jacket \\ Nordstrom

This is an excellent price for a leather jacket of this quality.
I shopped around for you and thought this was the best looking for the price. 
I also like that it comes in 3 colors!

7) Black Watch \\ Saks Fifth Avenue

This is a cool looking, stainless steel watch! Watches are one of the most popular holiday gifts.
Just be sure the man in your life wants a sporty watch versus a dressy watch.

8) RayBan Aviator Sunglasses \\ Saks Fifth Avenue

The classic aviator made timeless and sexy by Maverick. 

9) Frye Leather Weekender \\ Neiman Marcus

This is a really great weekender. I kinda want it for myself. 

10) Leather Shaving Kit \\ Saks Fifth Avenue

When you are out of ideas, this is a good one…
Every man needs one of these if he travels at all. 
And, they need to be updated every few years, so even if he already has one…
Guaranteed he doesn’t have one THIS nice. 

11) Big Screen TV by Samsung \\ Amazon

I haven’t met a man yet who didn’t love a big screen TV.
Mine keep getting larger. To avoid the inevitable, 75-inch discussion, buy a 55-incher, with all the bells and whistles!
We’ve had a great experience with Samsung TV’s.

12) Roku Streaming Stick \\ Amazon

This one is a TV watching game changer! We have two of them, and I think they are UH-MAZING!
You can pull up all the Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and Blockbuster movies.
Basically, you can watch anything you can think of, whenever you want and most of it is free.

13) Parka Coat \\ Uniqlo 

My friend, Deborah, introduced me to Uniqlo. I ordered 4 coats for our family and I keep coming back for more!
It’s a GREAT website with great prices!

14) Kiehl’s Skincare Kit \\ Saks Fifth Avenue

Even my super macho Old Spice, Irish Spring loving husband uses hand cream.

15) Ugg Brown Leather Slippers \\ Neiman Marcus

I think Ugg really knows how to make slippers.
These are not only good looking, they look incredibly warm and comfortable!




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