The ONLY 3 Style Tips You Need to Feel Super Confident Wearing Baggy Jeans

Look Taller in Baggy Jeans

Over the past few years, baggy jeans have gone from being a fringe fashion trend… to a must-have basic in your closet. I’m sure you’ve noticed the transition in the stores and online. But, baggy jeans can be tricky to wear and style…sometimes making your feel bigger and/or shorter. So today, I’m sharing a few key tips for how to look taller (and slimmer) in baggy jeans! Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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How to Look Taller in Baggy JeansTips to Look Taller in Baggy Jeans
Baggy Jeans outfit for women Mother baggy jeans


Tip #1 – The Style of Your Jeans Matters

The first and perhaps most essential tip is… to choose the style of your baggy jeans wisely. Not all looser fitting jeans are created equal. There are several details to consider…rise, length, leg silhouette, and details. Let’s dive into those…

Rise – You want to find a pair of jeans that is high rise – between 9 to 12 inches. Remember when you have a higher rise, it creates the illusion of longer legs which elongates the body. I’m wearing a cool pair of Mother jeans with an 11.5” rise. You can see that the jeans take up about two-thirds of my body, while my top takes up about one-third of my body. That’s sometimes referred to as the golden ratio (1/3 and 2/3) used in fashion and architecture. This ratio is aesthetically
pleasing, and in the case of fashion, it gives you the illusion of extra height.  You can still wear lower rise jeans if you want, just be aware and style them strategically.

Leg Silhouette & Length – A wide-leg pair of jeans can make your legs look longer and leaner. Think about where a pair of skinny jeans hits you…typically the ankles. Skinny jeans visually chop your legs unless you wear a pair of boots in a similar color. The wider leg jeans give you extra inches. For maximum length, aim to have your jeans almost dust the floor. Think 1/2″ to 3/4″ off the ground. These jeans have a  32” inseam, which works perfectly for me with a pair of heels.

Details – These jeans have a cool center seam down the front that also helps create a slimming effect.

white button-down shirt with jeans

Tip #2 – Wear a Tailored Top

Since you are wearing baggy jeans that have volume, think about wearing a top that is tailored and highlights your shape (vs. something over-sized and billowy). It could be a white button-down shirt like the one I’m wearing in this look… a tank, tee, blouse…whatever you love and have in your closet. This denim shirt by Frank & Eileen is comfy, very high-quality and has a flattering shape, nipping in at the waist. I unbuttoned the top to create a v-neckline that adds length to the upper body. I love this modern take on jeans and a button-down!

jeans with brown belt

Tip #3 – Highlight The Waist

Next, to add even more waist definition, you can add a  belt. That said; since this top is fitted, I can easily leave it untucked and let the tailoring create the shape. This would be ideal for those of you who are concerned about highlighting the tummy or lower tummy by tucking. The shirt also has a rounded hem at the bottom. That hemline creates more length on the sides of the legs… versus a hemline that goes straight across.

Look Taller in Baggy Jeanspeplum leather jacket
peplum moto leather jacket peplum leather jacket by L’Agence


Bonus Tip – Outerwear

Here’s another waist defining hack for those concerned about tummy coverage… try a tailored jacket! Above, I’m wearing the coolest peplum leather jacket by L’Agence. Isn’t it gorgeous?? It’s very similar to one by Alexander McQueen that I’ve had my eye on for a while, but not nearly as expensive. The leather feels so soft and amazing, and the shape is EVERYTHING. The feminine peplum will hide any tummy trouble and/or highlight your curves beautifully. It also has slightly padded shoulders, creating some volume across the top and in contrast the look of a smaller waistline.

baggy jeans style tips

More Baggy Jeans

We’re sharing more flattering baggy jeans that we love at every price point below!

How do you feel about baggy jeans?? Are you still on the fence about them?? Please share in the comments below and let us know if you have any questions!

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14 thoughts on “The ONLY 3 Style Tips You Need to Feel Super Confident Wearing Baggy Jeans

  1. The post mentions tucking in a white button down shirt for the 1/3 2/3 ratio rule… but also mentions leaving a shirt with a rounded hemline untucked? Can you show an example of wide leg baggy style jeans with a not tucked in fitted or button down shirt to, yes, not want to be as worried about that tummy region?

    1. Hi Christine! Erin does prefer to either tuck or front tuck her top into her baggy jeans so unfortunately, we don’t have a specific image to show you of a look with her wearing baggy jeans and an untucked top. But, when choosing a top to leave untucked with your baggy jeans, we’d suggest finding one that comes only an inch or 2 below the waistband of the jeans, or doing a side front tuck so you have some waist definition but not directly in the middle if you have a tummy concern. We’d also suggest finding a rounded hem blouse that “skims” the body as to not create too much bulk, that is not too long as mentioned previously. We hope this helps! ~Team Busbee

  2. I have just started wearing and loving wider leg jeans in ecru, white and blue denim. I’m short and slightly pear shaped and never thought I should wear them. I purchased a couple pairs of blue at a thrift store just to get a feel for them. Liked them on me in the mirror. Finally got enough “guts” to wear them out. Got compliments the first time I wore them out. Not about the jeans but on how good I looked. So I thought maybe I can do these. My favorite ones are Kut From the Cloth Meg jeans. Feel great in them!

    1. LOVE that story, Barb!! Thanks so much for sharing. It truly does take time and courage to step out of the style boxes that we get used to. SO glad you’ve found a style you love. That pair by KUT is a great one! ~Team Busbee

  3. I feel like since I’m shaped like a rectangle that high waisted wide legs make me look like a shapeless pipe. Also, does anyone else have trouble with tripping over the leg of the jean with he opposite foot going down stairs, or am I just extra clumsy?

    1. It’s really so important to define the waistline, especially with wide leg pants! You can do a fitted top or bodysuit tucked in with a waist belt to really add shape – you can also layer a blazer or jacket still, as long as you have your waist defined! Have you tried a cropped pair yet? ~Team Busbee

  4. I love baggy jeans and I am five feet. How do you feel about baggy jeans with the cuff ? I am starting to see a lot of them this season, considering a pair, but I would like your opinion.
    Thank You

    1. Loving them!! More posts to come with that style… In the meantime, you can see a recent look I shared with it over on both my LTK page and Instagram! ~Erin xo

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