How To Store Handbags – 10 Creative Storage Solutions for Your Collection

Do you have a favorite or even a coveted handbag? Or maybe a handbag collection? Taking care of your handbags is something you might not think about, but it’s SO important. Storing and organizing them when you aren’t wearing them will help keep your prized possessions in their best shape and extend their life. It can be tricky because they come in different shapes and sizes….tote bags, work bags, top handle bags, crossbody bags, clutches, etc. So, there may be a need for a variety of different storage solutions. Today we are sharing a host of different handbag storage ideas so you can store and organize your handbags and keep them in tip-top shape.

If you are on an organizing kick (or need to be!) you can see all of our helpful organizational tips here. From pantry and tiny closet organization to hacks and decluttering.

How To Store Handbags

Handbag Storage Ideas

We often can’t wait to buy them…whether it’s an investment handbag, a special clutch, or an everyday bag, a lot of thought, planning, and budgeting can go into finding that perfect handbag. So, once you have it in your hot little hands, preserving it is key! If you have a handbag collection, creating a good storage solution can help maximize your space and save you time when hunting for that little black clutch you only break out for special occasions. And if you are taking great care of your investment handbags, you’ll save money in the long run as they will maintain their value when handled with a little extra TLC. Our variety of purse storage ideas will work for those with enviable walk-in closets and cloffices (closet-office) like Erin’s, AND those with tiny wardrobes and small spaces!

How To Store Handbags

How To Store Handbags

1) Handbag Shelving

If you have the space in your closet or bedroom, a bookcase, open shelving, storage shelving, or a modular closet shelf with lots of shelf space would be a gorgeous way to store your purses and handbags. It’s almost as if you are displaying beautiful artwork! Keeping your bags in the line of sight will not only make them easy to find, but you don’t run the risk of forgetting about one that you use less frequently. There are lots of options out there at varying price points, so we’ll link a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. A bookshelf to display your handbags, shoes, hats, and other trinkets and treasures when styled elegantly can really be a beautiful addition to any room.

2) Over The Door Storage

Now, if you don’t have room for a Smithsonian Institution-style handbag display, we hear that! So, let’s go with the other extreme for some small space storage suggestions. An over-the-door organizer is an excellent way to organize your purses by size and shape. It doesn’t take up any extra room and you can hang one behind a closet door or bedroom door. They come in many different styles, colors, and fabrications. Here are a few you can shop.

3) Hanging Purse Organizers

If you have hanging room in your closet, one way to maximize that space is with a multi-tiered hanging organizer. You can hang these over a closet rod and create your own custom closet organizer. There are low-profile ones with easy-access slip pockets, rotating space-saving hangers, and zip-closure clear organizers so you can keep your handbags clean and damage-free.

clear stackable closet bins, declutter

4) Clear Stacking Cubes & Bins

Another way to store your purses is with stacking cubes. Some closet spaces have a lot of up-high storage that might not be easy to access…so clear or open-face stacking cubes can come in handy. You’ll be able to easily view everything inside and even organize your purses by size and shape. This is a super useful solution for small clutches that tend to get stuck behind larger handbags. Visibility is key to finding what you want quickly. You might also want a lightweight, slim-profile step ladder to keep in your closet so you can easily grab handbags stored on high shelves. You can squeeze a super slim one beside your long-hanging pants and dresses and have it at the ready.

Canvas Storage Bins

5) Canvas Storage Bins

Erin uses these pretty canvas storage bins from The Container Store to store some of her smaller handbags that would likely topple over on a shelf. The graduated angle helps to keep your items visible. These are ideal for eye-level surfaces like the top of a dresser or cabinet. They come in a few different sizes, and they also have a version with a drop-front window which would work well for smaller purses or bags you don’t wear very frequently.

Shelf Dividers - How To Store Handbags

6) Shelf Dividers

Now Erin hasn’t always had her dream cloffice. She’s lived in homes with smaller closets and limited storage, so she knows a thing or two about making the most of the space you have. In this older closet image, you can see how she uses dividers to keep our bags lined up like little toy soldiers (and color-coded to boot!) These dividers will keep your bags from flopping about as well as organized so you can quickly grab what you need. By the way, these dividers work equally as great for stacks of jeans and sweaters too.

7) Dust Storage Bags

You know those pretty fabric dust bags that many designer purses come with? While they serve a great purpose in terms of protecting your bag from dust and other elements, they aren’t very handy in the “What’s behind door #1” storage game. These clear, zippered storage bags come in various sizes and will keep your bags safe and visible. These will take up less space than a storage cube and can be stored flat when not in use. If you’ve ever had any plumbing catastrophes or water damage in your closet, you’ll understand better than anyone how these little insurance policies can save the day!

Purse Shapers

8) Purse Shapers

When it comes to protecting the structure and integrity of your handbag, purse shapers are a must-have. These fit inside your bag to keep the leather or fabric from drooping and sagging. This is especially useful for bags with heavy handles that once left unfilled, just sink. Then you get those nasty creases in your bag that never come out! We shared a few purse-shaper options below. Or you can always use tissue paper or recycled shipping boxes and packing materials like plastic air pillows and bubble wrap to fill up your bags when not in use.

9) Drawers and Bins

If you have some floor space in your closet but not a ton of hanging or shelf space, we have a solution for you too! Collapsable front-opening storage bins or storage drawers would be another way to store and organize your handbags. They’ll be protected, you can easily access your purses, and you can eliminate clutter.

10) Wall Mounted Hooks

Lastly, if space is truly very limited in your closet, you can always resort to wall-mounted hooks for your handbags that have straps and handles. There are a ton of options out there. Depending on your needs, you could scatter individual and various-size hooks on your wall or get a wall-mounted plate with several hooks on it.

So, are you a handbag collector or do you have a favorite, special handbag that you just love? Tell us about in the comments! If you missed it, Erin shared a super touching story and review about her Chanel 19 Flap Bag here.

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