These Tiny Home Organizing Hacks Will Make a BIG Difference In Your Everyday

Home Organizing Hacks

January is all about new beginnings. New goals, new routines, and often times, lots of organizing and cleaning too. So, we thought we would squeeeeeze in one last post this month to help you get and stay organized this year. These home organizing hacks are easy to do, time-saving, and will improve the appearance of any messy spaces you might have in your home. Now who doesn’t want that? If you needed a boost to bring a little organization into your life, this is the perfect post for you! While a tidy space looks great, there are actually other benefits to having organization in your life. We’re rounding up those benefits, organizing tips, ideas, and solutions for keeping things ship shape.

In case you missed it, we shared some spring-cleaning tips and closet organization tips here.

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Erin Busbee home organizing hacks

Importance of Being Organized

Aside from the fact that when things are organized, they’re just more aesthetically pleasing, there are other reasons to get and stay organized. Here are just a few I found in my research…

  • Organization reduces stress and brings on calmness
  • Saves time in completing tasks (aka looking for things!)
  • An organized fridge or pantry leads to better eating habits
  • Saves money – if you can find what you need when you need it, you spend less money replacing things
  • Better overall wellness, AND sense of control

home organizing hacks

#1 Organizing Tip

My sweet friend shared this tip with me and it’s TOO good. She calls it her “Power Hour” and she gleaned the idea from a podcast. Throughout the week, she writes down all those little annoying things that need to get done around the house. Like changing out the lightbulbs in your ceiling fan, cleaning out the fridge, or finally organizing the junk drawer in the kitchen. Then, once a week (usually on the weekend) she sets a timer for 1 hour and dedicates that time to scratching as many to-dos off her list as possible. She just “powers” through it all at once instead of trying to make time each day or having a to-do list that never gets completed. I love this so much!

And here’s the thing – an idea becomes a “plan” when you write it down. Then, it becomes an “action” and then viola, you did it! PH to the rescue. Even better if you can get your partner or family to join in. You can read more about the items in the graphic above along with lots of other hacks to keep your home organized … just keep scrolling and you’ll find it all below!

For even more organizing ideas, Erin shares a peek inside her kitchen pantry and her epic organizational skills in this post.

Do you have a favorite organizing hack to share? We’d love to hear about it in the comments! If you aren’t already a subscriber to our weekly newsletter, you can sign up here. We offer exclusive content and shopping inspiration you can’t find on the blog. Thanks for reading!


Chaotic Cords

Cords can get in the way, look messy, and can even be a fire hazard. When it comes to keeping cords organized or hidden, you can use a pretty box to hide them away which also keeps them from getting tangled and messy. They’re also great for concealing power strips too. I also love these handy appliance cord organizers for the back of kitchen appliances that don’t always need to be plugged in like stand mixers and toasters. Finally, these little cord clips are a lifesaver when it comes to concealing cords on a side table, nightstand, in your home office, and even in your car.
Hide Your Cords
Cord Organizer
Adhesive Cable Clips

Laundry Room Organization Hacks

Next, let's talk about a room that maybe doesn’t get a lot of love…the laundry room. Some of us can easily spend a few hours in there each week. So, why not make it functional and pretty? These detergent dispensers look much chicer that the plastic jugs we’re used to. Plus, you’ll use less detergent. Did you know that you really only need 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent per load? Yes! Detergents are super concentrated and using too much detergent can actually damage the fabrics. Another tip is to store your dryer sheets in a pretty tissue box holder – works like a charm. And then for all the loose hangers you might have in your laundry room, this neat little hanger stacker keeps them all in order. It’s great for closets too! Finally, if you are short on space, putting a slim cart between your washer and dryer can help conceal detergent and other laundry room necessities. I like this one because it has “legs” in the front and wheels in the back making it easy to pull in and out without always rolling around.
Use Less Save More!
Dryer Sheet Storage
Hanger Stacker
Slim Storage Cart

Multi Purpose

These items are great to use in your bathroom, kitchen or even a bedroom. The lidded basket would be great for storing toilet paper or towels in your bathroom. Also great for small toys, books, etc. This 2-tier shelf would look nice on your bathroom sink for organizing makeup or products, but also next to the stove for olive oil, salt, butter, etc. And this set of matching canisters is perfect for cotton balls or Q-tips, but you could also keep them in the kitchen for holding your vitamins, collagen powders, or sugars.
Conceal the Chaos
Pretty Marble Shelf
Handy Canister Set

Tidy Kitchen

These are a few new things that I found that will help you stay organized in the kitchen. First up is a magnetic strip or block for your knives. We have ours on a magnetic strip next to the stove and it’s so handy, convenient, and safe. But I also found this magnetic block which is also very cool. If you think your water bottles are multiplying behind your cabinet doors, you might need a way to store them. I like this water bottle organizer to keep them from rolling around. This gold organizer is perfect for lids (storage containers, pots, and pans), plates, cutting boards and bakeware…and it’s pretty. And, if you’re short on counter space, a simple under-the-cabinet paper towel holder will give you a bit of extra room. Finally, if you're really feeling motivated, this spice jar set is so awesome. It comes with labels for the front AND the top so you can easily see and find the spice your need. It also scores an A+ on the aesthetically pleasing scale. It even comes with a funnel so you can easily fill each jar.
Magnetic Strip
Magnetic Board & Knives
Magnetic Block
Water Bottle Organizer
Lid Organizer
Make Some Room
Spice Cabinet *Extra*
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