3 Trending Techniques I Learned on TikTok that are AMAZING! (Beauty Over 40)

TikTok Beauty Trends

Are you on TikTok? Did you know Busbee Style is now on TikTok? At first, I was kind of weary about jumping on the app, thinking…”Do I really want to look at or post even more social media?” We already post on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and the website. But, now that I’m on it…I totally get it. It’s a treasure trove of incredible beauty hacks, style tips, and SO much more! (It’s also very addictive, so proceed with caution.) My favorite things to watch are the beauty videos. I’ve always loved doing my makeup and hair and trying new techniques, so the TikTok beauty trends are SO fun for me. I recently tried three trendy beauty techniques I saw on Tiktok to see if they would work for women over 40 with more mature skin. And let me tell you…they are GAME-CHANGING!

If you’re interested, you can follow me on Tiktok here. For even more of my youthful beauty tips for women over 40, check out this post with 30+ of my favorites.

TikTok Beauty Trends

westman atelier contour stick mac prep and prime

TikTok Beauty Trends

TikTok Beauty Trends 2023 best beauty tiktok

ontour hack tiktok

cheek contour tiktok

tiktok beauty hacks

Tip #1) Contour and Concealer BEFORE Foundation

For a youthful, dewy makeup look, try applying your contour and concealer before you apply your foundation. I know, it feels wrong. But it looks SO good and creates a flawless face and finish. This is the perfect hack for women over 40 because the makeup is so much lighter and more natural.

What I Used

I used the Westman Atelier contour stick to contour my face. I bought the contour stick during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year and LOVE it. I’ve never been a big fan of contouring because I felt I could never get it quite right. But this stick makes it foolproof. It’s super easy to blend and feels very luxe. I’m using the shade Biscuit. I also love the fact that the brand is clean and cruelty-free. (You can find more clean beauty posts here.)

Next, I used the Mac Prep & Prime Highlighter in shade Radiant Rose as my concealer. Use your concealer in all of the places you normally use concealer in your regular makeup routine. I concealed under my eyes, along the top of the nose, in the corners of your nose and down my laugh lines, and at the bottom of my contour lines.

You can finish off the makeup look by using a big fluffy brush and whatever foundation you prefer. I didn’t feel like my skin needed full foundation coverage while I was doing my makeup, so I just used some powder. But if you want more coverage, use your favorite foundation.
See what a difference this technique makes here.

I go into more detail on exactly how I contour my face in Tip #2! Keep scrolling…

contour hack tiktok | TikTok Beauty Trends westman atelier contour stick on face

TikTok Beauty Trends

Tip #2) How to Contour Cheeks

The second tip is a new contouring hack that I LOVE! It creates a more sculptural face and cheekbones that will make your face look slimmer and more youthful. Here’s what you do…

  1. Take two fingers by your lips to determine where to start your contour line.
  2. Make a contour line that’s about 1.5” at a slanted angle on your cheek.
  3. Make another contour line directly downward from the edge of that contour mark you just made (on the side closest to your lip). You can see in the photos above it kind of creates the look of two sides of a triangle. This line should be thinner than your cheek line.
  4. Blend!

I think the smaller contour mark on the cheek is genius because it makes the blending a cinch and it feels almost impossible to overdo it. When you do a more traditional contour and go all the way up, sometimes it’s harder to blend in and can blend into the hairline, which I don’t like. But with this 1.5” mark, it really does blend beautifully and creates that gorgeous dramatic cheekbone! I used the same contour stick and an angled contour brush to blend it out.

See a similar step-by-step demonstration in this video.

how to contour lips with bronzer how to contour lips

how to contour lips | TikTok Beauty Trends

Tip #3) Contour Your Lips

This next tip is simple but genius. Especially if you want the look of fuller, more luscious lips! Using the same contour stick or whatever contour powder you love, grab a small, thin brush and then outline your lips with the contour. Yep, it’s that easy! Shading around the lips with a darker line will create the illusion of fuller lips in a super subtle way. NOTE: In order to demo this technique I went a little heavier with the shading, but you only need a very subtle light line. I think this technique is great for mature women because the dark line can mask fine lines in addition to making lips look larger (vs. using a highlighter).  Remember dark recedes and light brings forward. Next, apply your favorite lipstick and voila! The lipstick I’m wearing is the shade Penelope Pink.


See how it’s done in this video.


erin busbee beauty hacks

Charlotte Tilbury Primer Charlotte Tilbury setting spray | TikTok Beauty Trends

makeup trends

Bonus Tips

There are two important bonus tips I used to create this flawless, youthful makeup look…

  1. Always always ALWAYS use a primer before you do anything! I used the Charlotte Tilbury Primer all over my face before starting the fun contouring method. It brightens your skin and creates a perfect, subtle, youthful glow (but not too sparkly.)
  2. Setting spray is key if you want your makeup to last all day. I LOVE, LOVE this Charlotte Tilbury setting spray! Can’t say enough about it.

Have you tried any of these TikTok beauty trends or have some secret tips you love? Don’t keep that to yourself! Please share them with us in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “3 Trending Techniques I Learned on TikTok that are AMAZING! (Beauty Over 40)

  1. So amazed you didn’t wear foundation after contouring and highlighting!! You have gorgeous skin!! My skin is great but I have a great deal of discoloration so I must wear a ful face of foundation!! I’m trying another foundation that suppose to be light to medium coverage that is very well liked with great ratings. At this time I use IT foundation which is full coverage and I love it!!! It’s only that I live in a very hot place!!! Plus my husband ask me if I could wear a little less coverage. We’ll see soon!!!

    1. That step surprised me too, Natalie! SO glad you’ve got a foundation that you love, thanks for sharing! ~Erin xo

  2. Gorgeous, Erin!! I guess I’m going to have give in and watch some Tik Tok
    I have the biscuit contour and will try this new way! And on lips!
    Thanks!! #56yearsyoung

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