5 Simple Ways to Look Expensive & Classy This Winter!

Look Expensive During Winter

If you’re a YouTube subscriber, you’ve probably seen this video where I share 10 styling tips on how to look expensive. It’s one of my most-viewed videos on YouTube and I decided it was time for a little refresher. But this time…with a winter twist! Below, I’m sharing 5 tips to look expensive during the winter that are simple, attainable, and functional, but will make you feel very elegant and classy!

If you’d like to watch the video version of this blog post, you can watch that here. I’ve also shared a post with some tips on how to look expensive every day that’s a must-read!

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How to Look Expensive During Winter

Why Do You Want To Look Expensive?

I want to drill down on what it really means to “look expensive” and the reasons you want to look expensive. Make sure you’re choosing to “look expensive” for the right reasons. I want you to look at it from the perspective of feeling empowered, rather than just wearing clothes to look expensive. “Looking expensive” should make you feel elegant, glamorous, amazing, special, classy, powerful, and like you can conquer the world. Try to avoid dressing to impress other people so you aren’t looking for the approval or worthiness of others. It’s an important distinction and one that’s so key in finding your style from that inside-out approach I’ve been talking so much about on YouTube lately. Now for the tips to really dial up your winter outfits…

Note: You NEVER have to break the bank to look expensive. I share some amazing shopping tips for looking expensive on a budget here in case you’re interested.


Faux Shearling Coats

Tip #1) Faux Fur or Faux Shearling Coats

The first way to look expensive during the winter is to wear faux fur, faux shearling, or teddy coats and jackets. The teddy coat I’m wearing above by Vince has been a major top seller this month. (It’s discounted more here but has limited sizes available.) It’s so gorgeous, has a beautiful fit, and the neutral brown color makes it super versatile.

I love the look of a teddy coat because it gives the look of a shearling or faux shearling coat, which can be very expensive, for a fraction of the price. This Vince teddy coat is still pretty pricey, but it’s on sale now and I linked some similar options below. Fur or faux furs can also be pretty expensive but there are options out there that are beautiful AND affordable. I’m sharing a few favorites below but don’t forget to watch this video to see me styling more faux fur and shearling coats and jackets!

By the way, I shared 7 ways to style this teddy coat in this post in case you’re looking for more ways to style it!

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Neutral Colored Puffers

If faux shearling, teddys, or faux fur coats and jackets aren’t your thing or you need something a little more practical for cold weather climates, consider a puffer! But…try a neutral-colored puffer. The lighter-colored, neutral puffers look a little more luxe than your standard black puffer. I shared a few options below…

If you’re looking for the best winter coats and jackets for extreme cold, make sure you check out this post.

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Faux Fur Hat to Look Expensive During Winter

Tip #2) Faux Fur Hat

This one really is a game-changer. You could definitely wear a classic beanie and look pulled together, expensive, and luxe. But if you really want to dial it up, wear a faux fur hat! I bought the hat I’m wearing above a few years ago while in Poland and it’s the WARMEST hat I own. You can even wear a beanie underneath it if you need the additional warmth. But the look of the faux fur hat really elevates an outfit in the winter. You can go with whatever color faux fur hat you want, but I prefer lighter browns and beiges for my skin tone.

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how to look elegant during winter

Tip #3) Wear A Matching Set

Remember when it was sort of passe to wear a matching set? Well, that’s no longer the case. It’s very elegant, on-trend, and modern to wear a matching set now! The matching sweater skirt set I’m wearing is gorgeous for winter. The ivory and brown color combo is so luxe, and the fit is incredible. Another great thing about matching sets for winter is that they’re SO simple. There’s no more wondering if “this goes with that” because it takes the guesswork out of it.

I share more info about this specific Tory Burch set in this post in case you’re interested. But I’ve linked it and a few more options below…

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neutral winter outfit neutral winter outfit | Look Expensive During Winter

Tip #4) Neutral Colors

One of the most expensive-looking colors in the winter that I LOVE to wear is… white! I know that white isn’t a color everyone is comfortable wearing. I get messages all the time that you’re afraid to get white dirty, which I understand! But my tip is to just choose white pieces that don’t break the bank so that it won’t break your heart if you do get them dirty. Another tip for washing your whites…get a good stain remover, wash in cold, and NEVER dry them!

You can also wear and play around with other lighter neutrals like light grey, taupe, beige, blush, tan, light brown, etc. You can wear a monochromatic winter white (or your neutral color of choice) outfit like I am above or mix and match with the other pieces in your closet. In the look above, I’m wearing an all-white outfit featuring a white pompom sweater, some white jeans,  and a neutral off-white coat. This look includes different tones and textures, which is the key to pulling off a monochromatic look. But if this is outside your comfort zone, try wearing a white sweater with some traditional blue jeans to dip your toe in the winter white water.

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what to wear in winter to look expensive

Tip #5) Turtlenecks

Don’t underestimate the power of a turtleneck! I haven’t talked about turtlenecks in a while because I’ve had some trouble with them recently…as I’ve gotten older and the skin around my neck and chin have gotten looser, I feel less comfortable with turtlenecks that are tighter on my neck. So, what I’ve started doing is looking for tops that are a little shorter than a turtleneck, like a mock neck or are looser around the neck. Another option is to try a stand collar top or a 3/4 zip like the one I’m wearing above and just zip it down so it’s not so tight to the neck. If you’re comfortable with a traditional turtleneck, go for it…wear what makes you comfortable!

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Bonus Tip) Accessories

  • Hats – I talked about the faux fur hat but wearing any sort of hat can really elevate any outfit you’re wearing.
  • Scarves – I would definitely grab a classic, luxe scarf that you love. Again, sticking with neutrals and luxe-looking fabrics.
  • Sunglasses – Adding a pair of sunnies can help pull any outfit together and look glam.
  • Handbag – Since people don’t see much of your outfit in the winter (it’s mostly your outerwear and your bag), it’s important to be strategic with your handbag. That doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive! Look for something that’s structured, in a neutral tone, and well-made. I linked some mid-range options below.

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I share even more tips in the video below about belting your coat, the boots I like to wear during winter, and more so make sure you go watch that!

Which tip is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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