Too Cold To Workout Outside? The Cold Weather Workout Gear You Need Now!

Does your New Year’s resolution include more outside workout time? If it doesn’t, maybe it should! Getting outside, even in winter, has a lot of benefits. It’s a natural source of Vitamin D (a vitamin critical for bone health), lowers levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), boosts brain activity and mood, and supports better sleep. But if you’re anything like me, it’s one thing to want to workout outside in the winter, and it’s an entirely different thing to feel warm enough to do it.

Need to stay warm outside even when you’re not working out? You can read about Erin’s favorite winter coats and jackets here.

Cold Weather Workout Gear

Cold Weather Workout Gear

Full disclosure, I hate being cold. I have a condition called Raynaud’s Syndrome that makes the blood quickly leave my hands and feet, and it worsens in the cold. So it’s really important to me that I can keep my extremities warm. But I also love being outside and get pretty cranky if I’m stuck indoors during the winter. That means I’m pretty obsessive about finding hardworking, comfortable, and effective cold weather workout gear.

Winter workout gear needs to be functional. It should wick sweat away from your body and not rub or chafe. It also needs to layer easily, and have key features like being wind resistant, waterproof, and highly visible. So, if you want to be outside more often this winter, you need your winter workout gear to withstand the weather and still keep you dry and comfortable. From base layers to accessories, I’ve done the research for you. Think it’s too cold outside? This is the cold weather workout gear you need now!

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Base Layers

Start your workout off right with your base layer. Keep the core of your body warm with these cozy but moisture-wicking options. Erin loves the Athleta Polartec leggings and says they're SO warm. She wears then when she's walking the dog or snowshoeing.

Outer Layers

You want something wind and water-resistant for your outer layers. These do the trick while letting you move freely.

On Your Feet

With cozy wool and deep treds, you'll keep your tootises warm and your steps safe with these socks and shoe options!


From hats to gloves and everything in between, here's what you need to keep the rest of your body warm and safe.

Safety Measures

For extra protection in dim light or really sloppy conditions, check out these cold weather gear accessories.
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