Is That Kardashian-Favorite Balmain Blazer Worth The Investment?

My Thoughts On The Investment Balmain Blazer

I featured the popular (and gorgeous) Balmain blazer in a recent video. In the video, I shared five ways to style the blazer and some other beautiful designer pieces. But I wanted to talk more specifically about this blazer and whether it is worth the hefty price tag!

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black Balmain blazer with gold buttons worn with Prada cahier crossbody handbag outfit

black Balmain blazer with gold buttons outfit worn with white top

So…Is A Balmain Blazer Worth It?

My answer is… it depends!


1) The Balmain blazer is absolutely stunning!
2) The fit and quality are impeccable
3) It will add elegance and class to ANY outfit

BUT… you have to be a blazer person. If you don’t LOVE blazers, I wouldn’t do it. You also have to be narrow through the shoulders to make these strong shoulders work. It’s awesome for me because I’m petite and narrow through the shoulders so this actually works in my favor to create structure and curves.


1) The price

At over $2,000…the price stings.

You have to figure out cost per wear. In other words, if you wear the jacket once a week, 30 weeks out of the year, the cost per wear is $73. And then, if you wear it for multiple years, that expense goes down exponentially.

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fashion blogger wearing black balmain double breasted wool blazer with dark wash jeans prada cahier crossbody handbag outfit

A Quick Note On The Price & Balmain Blazer Dupes

My goal is to always offer affordable style options in addition to featuring some higher-end pieces. Don’t feel like you have to have this exact item. It’s a beautiful piece but I wouldn’t want anyone to break the bank or go into debt over clothing. You can find plenty of options that are beautifully made…and at a lower price. For example, this blazer by Lioness is only $88 and looks so high end! I have it in two colors. Smythe is another brand that makes a gorgeous blazer that’s similar to the Balmain blazer. It’s still pricey but it’s less than the Balmain blazer. I also love this blazer by Veronica Beard that looks quite similar and is much less expensive.

Jeans & Top

This blazer will instantly elevate any look, even a very simple combination like I’m wearing above of dark wash skinny jeans with a white funnel neck top.

fashion blogger wearing black balmain double breasted wool blazer with dark wash jeans prada cahier crossbody handbag outfit

Create Your Own

Another option is to create your own Balmain look-a-like blazer! When I uploaded my video, many viewers talked about buying luxe gold buttons to sew onto an existing black blazer. I LOVE this idea!!

Check out all of these gold buttons on Etsy.

black balmain blazer outfit with dark wash jeans prada cahier leather crossbody handbagprada cahier leather crossbody handag black and brown gold hardware

Prada Crossbody Bag

Just wanted to share a bit more about this gorgeous bag too. I’m carrying one of my favorite bags of the season, the Prada Cahier leather crossbody. I love this bag so much because it’s not only edgy and modern, the color combination of black and brown is quite versatile and will work well with most of my wardrobe.

fashion blogger wearing black balmain double breasted wool blazer with dark wash jeans prada cahier crossbody handbag outfit

Bottom Line About Balmain Blazer

The bottom line about the Balmain blazer is… this is the type of piece you’ll wear for years to come and feel VERY special in… every time you put it on your body. There is tremendous value in that. I would factor that into your decision! But, do not buy it if you can’t afford it. There are too many awesome dupes to choose from. You can even create your own!

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2 thoughts on “Is That Kardashian-Favorite Balmain Blazer Worth The Investment?

  1. I vote no! That is not a good investment. It is too trendy and can only be worn a few times a year. Opt for a simple single-breasted navy blazer. aNd for goodness sakes! Never wear anything with a designer label. That’s just tacky and screams “new” mondy. The prada bag is stunning but I certainly wouldn’t wear it. Labels are for the wanna-be’s. The real old-money women will never advertise a designer’s label. In fact, we will go so far as to cut the labels out of the cloths..

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