What Is It Exactly??

One of the things I grapple with is having enough time to answer all of your style questions. You all have a bunch of questions and I think that is wonderful, but often I can’t address them all due to time constraints. By creating the Busbee Style Hive, you will get quick responses to your style questions from me and my team… and also from your peers. When you are at the store and you are not sure what dress to buy… post mirror selfies of both and let the Hive decide! There are endless ways you can utilize the Hive. Need to know the best flat shoes, ask the Hive. Curious about the best lines for plus-sizes, ask the Hive.

I am SO excited to create this community filled with all of you, very special, like-minded women.

How Much is the Membership?

So here’s the scoop: The Hive is $9.99/monthly.

You receive exclusive access to a private Facebook community filled with positive, stylish women, just like you. Again, that’s where you can ask all your style questions and get answers quickly. For example, you can ask things like: What shoes should I wear with this dress? What dress should I wear for an upcoming beach wedding? I’m 55 can I wear this dress??

Positive People ONLY

This is a SAFE space. We will monitor the group closely so you can feel comfortable and confident posting your styling questions. If someone starts posting negative comments, they will be kicked out.

Discounts and Giveaways

You will also receive special retailer discounts. I will work closely with my brand contacts to secure promo codes to save you money!! My goal is to pay you back in savings. There will also be exciting giveaways and other exclusives. Your needs will ultimately dictate the scope of the services.

Busbee Style Hive Guidelines

A couple of Hive guidelines: we require a 3-month minimum membership. And if you cancel, you will wait 6-months to rejoin. We want to foster a close, committed community.

Click HERE to join the Busbee Style Hive!!

We can’t wait for you to join us!!

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