10 Ways To Instantly Look Sexy And Sophisticated At Any Age

Dial Up Your Sex Appeal

When I was younger, I truly thought there was a certain age where being sexy just kind of shut down. But I have to say now at 47 years old, I’ve never felt more vibrant, sexy, and confident. I don’t ever want to live in the “land of frump” so to speak and you don’t have to either. Owning your sex appeal with sophistication is something you can do in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Here in Spain, I’m so inspired by many beautiful, elegant, and confident women. They are so classy, so put together and so alluring—they ooze sex appeal. Yes, you too can look like a total smoke show without going over the top! Here are 10 ways to instantly look sexy and sophisticated at any age. And, it’s easier than you think…

For a deeper dive on turning up the sexy with your day-to-day outfit choices, make sure to watch this video.

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1) Exposed Shoulders

I truly believe the most gorgeous body parts to show off at any age are the shoulders and décolletage. An off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder look is subtly sexy because you can show a little without showing a lot, which is the perfect middle ground!  Sometimes finding the right bra to wear with off-the-shoulder looks can be a challenge. You can wear a tank or camisole underneath your top so you can still comfortably wear a bra, or treat yourself to an intentionally stunning bra with pretty straps that purposely peeks through! Free People has some great bralettes that are perfect for this purpose and Marie Jo and Natori have some great options as well. This white button-down has been a heavy hitter for me because of its versatility. It’s oversized, so you can easily wear a cami underneath to create an effortless, off-the-shoulder, “I’ve got it going on” look!

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2) Plunging Necklines

Next, there are tasteful ways to “show off the girls” so to speak, no matter your age. Plunging necklines are one of those ways! Now a plunging neckline typically looks best on a smaller chest, but if you’re well-endowed, just find a top or dress that offers some extra detail on the plunging neckline. This gives you a bit more coverage while keeping things sexy and modern. You don’t have to let it all hang out! Also, keep in mind if you are highlighting your chest, keep the rest of your body somewhat covered. If you’re trying to look sexy and keep that sophistication, you wouldn’t want a deep v-neckline, short skirt, sleeveless, and fitted garments all in the same look. Instead, rock that deep v-neck but style it with jeans!

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3) Heels

This is a no-brainer, but I’m going to say it anyway – heels are where it’s at when it comes to effortless sex appeal! Heels automatically make me feel more powerful, taller, slimmer, and absolutely more confident. I feel a noticeable shift in my attitude when I choose to put on a pair of heels, and it’s such an easy way to turn up the sexy volume. I know, I know … heels aren’t always the most comfortable, so sexy flats are great, too—they’re just a bit harder to find. These Sam Edelman heels are a favorite go-to for me because they are quite comfortable (for heels!). Tall, heeled boots or booties also create that effortless sexiness paired with jeans or a midi-dress.

If you’re looking for more style tricks to look slimmer, check out this post!

Vegan leather black top by Nanushka from Intermix

4) Leather

The texture and feel of leather and faux leather are innately sexy. It’s such a flattering and edgy fabric that can dial up the cool factor. Leather and faux leather pants, skirts, jackets, shorts, or even small detailing offer a modern sexiness to any outfit you just can’t be beat. Remember in Grease when Sandy put on that black leather jacket at the end of the movie–instant sex appeal, right?

Simple holiday outfit idea featuring sequin midi skirt and black puff shoulder ribbed turtleneck from Walmart on fashion over 40 blogger Erin Busbee 10 Ways To Instantly Look Sexy And Sophisticated At Any Age
5) Pencil Skirts

The female form is naturally sexy, and pencil skirts highlight all the best parts– hips, butt, and waist! They accentuate hourglass figures and help create curves by providing natural cut-ins where necessary. Because they hug the body and nip in at the knees, pencil skirts are such a lovely feminine option. And because they’re fitted, they look great with camisoles, oversized sweaters, loose blouses tucked in, or even a t-shirt.

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6) Maximize Your Assets

Every woman has a body part she favors over others, and that’s the one you should aim to maximize when turning up the sexy. If you have great legs, dresses and skirts are your best friend. Incredible shoulders and chest? The off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, and halter cut are all perfect options. Do you have Michelle Obama arms? Sleeveless all the way! If you’re blessed enough to have a tiny waist, all the belts, sashes, and wrap tops/dresses are for you. Whatever body part you love most, play it up!

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7) Tuck In Your Tops

Sexy can be simple, too. Tucking in a top or blouse automatically highlights your waist and creates a more feminine silhouette. Even tucking a white button-down into a great pair of jeans is an easy, casual look that exudes effortless confidence and sexiness. The little things truly make all the difference when you get dressed! You could also unbutton a few buttons and add a lace cami or bralette.

10 Ways To Instantly Look Sexy And Sophisticated At Any Age

8) Fitted Dresses

I love a fitted dress, but I love a conservative fitted dress. A conservative fitted dress is one that’s longer in length and has sleeves. You don’t need to go full bodycon to feel and look sexy. This way you get way more coverage but your shape is still the star of the show! If you hold most of your weight through your midsection, fitted dresses are probably not the best choice. You can try a body skimming option with some design details that can camouflage anything you don’t want to bring attention to.

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9) Sheer Garments and Strategic Cutouts

Whether the garment is completely sheer, has sheer paneling, or has sheer sleeves, this is an incredibly sexy look.  Also, there are so many beautiful pieces right now with gorgeous cutouts. Just that little peek of skin can be super sexy! The amount of sheer or cutouts you’re comfortable with is up to you, but just know that even the most subtle hint of skin will instantly make you feel hotter for date night!

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10) Confidence!

Finally, this is an obvious one, but confidence truly is the #1 way to look and feel sexier at any age. No matter what you wear, if you own the look, you will exude sex appeal. If I’m in the right mood, I feel just as sexy in a pair of joggers and sneakers as I do in a pair of sexy heels and a dress! So, a good way to gauge your confidence in an outfit is, when you look in the mirror, you should instantly think, “Wow. I look GOOD.” If you aren’t feeling yourself in the outfit, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and put something on that you legitimately feel amazing in. There are definite minor tweaks you can make to turn up the sexy. It’s important at any age, we feel sexy, vibrant, attractive, and pretty! Let’s dress how we feel on the inside.

 What’s your turn-it-up-a-notch and “bring it” sexy go-to? I’d love to hear about it!

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