Use These Simple Steps To Look Stylish In A Hurry!

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No Time? No Problem…Look Stylish In A Hurry!

How many of you feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water sometimes? I know I do! We as women, juggle a lot…managing the kids, work, partners, groceries, the house, etc. There is that crazy, LONG to-do list that I never seem to be able to tackle! I can’t be the only one…I feel like most of us are in this position! As my family and I navigate living in Spain for a few months and all that comes with it including a new apartment, Spanish immersion school for the kids, running my business from abroad, time is more precious than ever! So I’m sharing some of the things we can all do to get out of the door more quickly and look stylish and put together in a hurry. Each of these tips helps me SO much when I want to look pulled together, but have no time!

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#1) Hair In A Hurry

Don’t wash your hair every day. It just takes so much time to dry and style it. I typically wash my hair every 3 days and what I’ll do is wash it at night and let it air dry when I’m sleeping. So, in the morning I can hop into the shower, rinse off, and then use a ton of dry shampoo. I use Dove dry shampoo by the bucket load—honestly, I should buy stock in this company! It also works great when you want to just add a bit of volume to your hair. Spray the roots and sides, brush it out and all of a sudden your hair looks clean and fresh, and you're ready to start your day. You can also just throw on a stylish hat if you'd rather not deal with your hair at all. Hats can instantly make you look more cool and chic.
Dove Dry Shampoo
Rag & Bone Fedora
Amazon Hat

#2) A Bold Lip

The next thing you can use as a go-to is a bold lip. When you wear a bold lip, it looks like you really spent some time pulling your look together, even when the reality is you didn't! It doesn’t have to be a bright red lip, it can be a bright pink lip or burgundy in the fall, whatever speaks to you.
Sephora Lip Stain
Mac Lipstick Set
Charlotte Tilbury So Red

#3) One Awesome Accessory

You are going to want to grab one impactful accessory so your outfit looks pulled together. It can be a necklace, a ring, a large cuff--there are a ton of options here. So it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing, it can be a t-shirt and jeans, but if you grab that one accessory it will instantly elevate your outfit and tie your look together. This is a quick, easy step even if you are in a hurry.
Julie Vos Gold Cuff
Monica Vinader Long Pearl Charm
Monica Vinader Siren Cocktail Ring

#4) Wear Your Go-To Outfit

I’ve talked about the importance of having that go-to outfit at the ready. For me, it’s denim, heels, a cami or tank, and a blazer or moto jacket. Basically any stylish 3rd layer. That’s my style uniform. And you need one too for those days you don’t have a lot of time. You can throw it on and get out the!
Veronica Beard Wool Blend Blazer
Distressed Jeans
Halogen Scallop Detail Camisole

#5) Chic Shoes

Next, think about your shoes. Not all of us can wear heels but even a great flat, a beautiful sandal, a bootie, or a chic sneaker will do the trick. Think of your shoes as an opportunity to elevate your look.
Vince Camuto Sandal
P448 Low Top Sneaker
Vince Camuto Square Toe Bootie

#6) Sunglasses. Always!

Sunglasses are sooo key as we get older, and such a time saver when you aren’t wearing a full face of makeup. Let’s say you only did your lip and a 30-second eyebrow, throw those sunglasses on and nobody knows you don’t have on eye makeup, or that it took you 10 minutes to get ready. Sunglasses are everything! Of course, that won’t solve your problem if you have a business meeting, but these tips are for those days you are running and gunning and you don’t need a full face. Throw on cool, modern, glamourous sunglasses to kick up your look a notch!
Quay Lizzo Icy
Fendi Gradient Square Sunglasses
Quay High Key Sunglasses

#7) Bag In A Bag

This next tip is for those of you that change your handbag regularly. You don’t want to bring down the look of your outfit with the wrong handbag. This is where the bag in a bag concept comes in so handy. I love a good-sized wristlet or wallet that holds everything I need for the day. It's all right there and I can very simply and quickly throw it into any larger tote or crossbody. I have everything as long as that wallet bag is in my larger bag.
Frame Crossbody Wallet
Reversible Faux Leather Tote
Hana Large Leather Wallet On A Chain
How To Manifest Anything, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of Busbee Style wearing an orange and blue Staud Ina dress with white sunglasses walking around in Telluride, Colorado
Erin Busbee
After a decade in TV news, a desire to help women "look pretty" sparked a career pivot. I started my own wardrobe consulting business, styling "real" women for many years. In 2014, I changed direction again, using my TV background and styling expertise to launch this website and my YouTube channel. We are now a community of well over 1 million dynamic, vibrant, amazing women over 40... who know that age isn't something you need to hide from. For us, life is just getting started!!
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  1. It’s about time! I’m so glad to see that you’re finally going to take some time off and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity that you have. You go girl! There will be plenty of time later to share with us all of your fantastic experiences, ideas, and photos. Take a breath and smell the roses and enjoy your family time.

    1. Thank you for your supportive words, Heidi! I’m SO lucky to be journeying with such amazing women… Erin xo

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