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10 Tips to Help You Look More Stylish Everyday

Look Better Everyday With These Style Tips!

 Have you ever wondered why it seems like some women naturally have effortless, everyday style? They are so confident and chic… and it seems like they always have the perfect outfit for every occasion. Well, here’s the secret: having flawless everyday style is not easy! It may surprise you how much effort goes into that “effortless”, stylish look that everyone loves. Here’s another secret, you can create everyday style that works for you too! It’s not just for us women who love fashion. 

If you follow these tips, I guarantee that you will not only look better every day, but you will feel better too!

Also, if you would prefer to see my everyday style tips in action, watch this video.

Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 10 fashion tips to elevate your everyday style

Tip #1 | Plan Your Outfits

Okay, let’s be clear… I’m not suggesting that you plan your outfits every day. Who has time for that? I don’t. But, you probably know a few special events you will attend months in advance. It doesn’t have to be big events. These can be dinners with friends, parties, trips, etc. Planning ahead of time is KEY… It will enable you to wear an outfit you love… and not something that’s just okay that you picked out at the last minute.  

Tip #2  | Create a Style Lookbook

Part of creating an everyday style that works for you is saving looks you love. I love a good mirror selfie that captures what I’m wearing just before I head out the door. The ones I really love, I save on my iPhone and use them to create fashion look books for all sorts of occasions. You can categorize the folders based on events such as work, travel, brunch/dinner as you plan your everyday style. 

A fashion look book is a great reference on days that you’re not feeling as inspired and need a cute outfit to wear. I don’t know about you but I love pre-made lists generally so creating these style lookbooks keeps me happy and organized! 

Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 10 tips on how to create bold everyday style and mixes high and low fashion finds.

Tip #3 | The 80/20 Rule

Spend 80% of your budget on wardrobe basics and 20% on trends.

When you do this, you spend the bulk of your budget on high quality, well-tailored, flattering clothing that will last a long time. With the remainder of your budget, you can go to town with whatever trends you feel comfortable trying. These items may not last as long, but they will help you look modern and trendy.

Speaking of “basics”, this takes us to our next everyday style tip.

Tip #4 | Basics Are Everything

Basics are the foundation of your wardrobe. Without it, your wardrobe will not work. Period. You need the basic pieces to wear with all of your fun and trendy finds. Think a nice leather jacket, a plain white t-shirt, a crisp button-down, or a classic pair of sneakers.

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The main things to remember are that your basics should be timeless, fit you well, and make you feel good! This way, you can be sure you will wear them for years.

Tip #5 | Tailoring

Taking the time to tailor your garments, will make your clothing look more expensive and high-end. And, for some of you with unique body shapes, tailoring will be your lifeline. A good tailor will help your clothing look custom, stylish and most importantly, better on you. And that is what great everyday style is all about! 

Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 10 fashion tips on how to create bold everyday style and knows her body type well.

Tip #6 | Know Your Body

When you understand your body, you can dress in a much more flattering way. An understanding of the unique facets of your own shape can become your number one strength in improving your everyday style.

I have shared many videos on my YouTube channel about determining your body shape – You can check them out here. These will help you to understand your shape so that you can pick clothing that fits and flatters your body.

Tip #7 | Mixing High and Low

In my opinion, the most stylish women in the world are the ones who can artfully mix high-end designer pieces with more affordable finds. They have a way of striking the perfect balance that makes lower-end pieces look amazing in their own right.

The key to pulling off all price points at once is to sprinkle in some high with the low. This could mean pairing your lower price point top and bottom with a high-end bag, belt, or shoes. 

Tip #8 | Create a Signature Style

Your signature, everyday style is your uniform. It is your go-to style that you know you look wonderful wearing. Every stylish woman has that go-to outfit they can pull out when they need to rush out the door and still look great.

Having a “go-to” look makes things super easy, especially when you don’t want to overthink things.

Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 10 fashion tips for how to create bold everyday style and wears BlankNYC white faux fur jacket

Tip #9 | Know the Trends

In order to create the perfect everyday style, you must know what’s current! This involves time and research for sure, but that’s where I come in. I cover the trends every season so you don’t have to. Once you know the trends, you can better choose what flatters your body shape. This definitely doesn’t mean you should try all of the trends, but the ones that are best for you!

Tip #10 | Always Overdress

No, I don’t mean that you should wear an evening gown everywhere you go! What I mean by this is… if you are not sure what to wear for any given occasion, it’s better to go bigger than smaller. You will feel more comfortable slightly overdressed than underdressed and you’ll look better too. So when in doubt, just go for it. People will notice that you pulled out all the stops and compliment you for it!

Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 10 fashion tips to create bold everyday style and recommends you overdress instead of underdress.

Bonus Tip: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

In order to find out what works for you, you need to try things that make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Nothing ever grows inside comfort zones! The best way to learn is to push yourself occasionally. Sometimes, a trend you think may not work… will end up becoming your new favorite.

There is a powerful connection between how you look and how you feel, so here’s to finding a look that will make you feel AMAZING every day!

But wait… there’s more!

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  1. I think you are totally on point!!! You always are!!! The thing you said that I love best is “Always Overdress!!” I learned this from an early age from my mother and a couple of Aunt’s that are very classy and elegant! Many years ago I didn’t listen to this advice and took the advice from a friend who was hosting an event. She said “oh this is a super laid back casual event and jeans and tee would be great!” My inner voice told me to kick it up a couple of notches but I listened to the host instead. That was a huge mistake! Everyone looked great and I felt so uncomfortable the entire time I was there and left early because of it. I learned my lesson that day, look at the event, time of day, location, etc. Thank you for another fantastic video and letter!!

    1. Erin, I discovered you a year ago. You have given me so much inspiration. These days, I’m feeling particularly obsessed with busbee🤭. Feeling a little guilty and even shallow. 😅HOWEVER, THE connection goes DEEPER.
      You see AS a young woman, i was much too worried about surviving and getting ahead in life. Thus, I was always BEHIND the curve when it came to FASHION. LATER, having been raised in a very traditional family, I thought that being a mom and family woman meant that I had to look frumpy and formal …lol.
      Luckily, with age comes wisdom 😉. I recently divorced and your tips sister have played a role IN the process of learning to love the woman I am. With your help, I am putting together a style that goes deeper than clothes and price tags. It’s about embracing my femeninity and sharing it with the world.
      Thank you ERIN for the touch of glamour and for keeping it real.
      Angelina from Arizona

      1. What a wonderful note! Thank you for taking the time to send this to me. It really means a lot. And congratulations on finding YOU! And embracing the woman you want to be… the woman you are. I’m proud of you!

        Also… I wanted to share that I spent my young adult years trying to be invisible. I didn’t want to stand out and I also wanted to be taken seriously. I felt like hair, makeup, stylish clothes would lead to people assuming I was not intelligent. I also wasn’t comfortable with attention. We have both come so far… 🤗 ~Erin xo

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