Wardrobe Basics Part Two BusbeeStyle TV

Wardrobe Basics Part Two \\ BusbeeStyle TV


Round Two!

Just because they are second, doesn’t mean they are less important.

You should have ALL of the pieces listed below in your closet.

If you missed the first 15, Click Here to read.

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15. Leather Jacket

        I own a Joie leather jacket (see below.) I LOVE it! Pricey, though…and runs small through shoulders.)

16. White Cami

17. Black Cami

18. White T-Shirt (short sleeve)

19. Black T-Shirt (short sleeve)

20. White T-Shirt (long sleeve)

21. Black T-Shirt (long sleeve)

22. Classic Sunglasses (aviators, wayfarers, over-sized)

23. Rain Boots

24. Winter or Weatherproof Boots (or both)

25. Sexy Shoes

26. Gold Cuff or Bangle

27. Gold Necklace (hits just below collarbone)

28. Gold Earrings (small to medium in size for everyday)

29. Evening Bag

30. Black Waist Belt (left this one out of the video)

         I really love the reversible RL one. I own it and use it ALL the time.




Leather Jackets







Rain & Weather-Proof Boots



Sexy Shoes






Evening Bags







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  1. OMGosh Erin! Thank you for mentioning the aquatalia brand. I am in Vermont and have never heard of these. There is so much snow and wet weather here…This has changed my life! Thank you, thank you!

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