You’ll Want To Avoid These 7 Unflattering Fashion Mistakes We All Make!

Fashion Mistakes We All Make!

We’ve all make them! Those fashion faux pas that seemed like a good idea at the time. You know what I mean… Wearing the wrong undergarment or that “comfortable” baggy sweater that doesn’t fit or flatter your body. But, armed with the knowledge of how to avoid these fashion mistakes, you can look chic, sophisticated, and completely put together. These are some great reminders to keep in the back of your mind before getting dressed each day or going shopping. You can easily avoid these 7 fashion mistakes! The result? Feeling and looking like the VERY best version of yourself. Before I dive in, I do want to emphasize how important it is to wear what makes you feel happy! Honestly, that is what is MOST important.

If you’re looking for even more helpful style tweaks, make sure you check out this post.


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Mistake #1 – Too Much Skin

This is one of the most important rule to avoid for women over 40. I’ve talked about the “One Skin Rule” many times. As we get older, it’s more sophisticated to show one area of skin exposure. The One Skin Rule keeps things elegant and age-appropriate. There are always exceptions for special occasions, but generally speaking, it’s a great rule to keep in mind. For example, if you’re wearing a plunging neckline, you can opt for more coverage on your lower half.  Short skirt or dress?  Make sure it has sleeves. Accentuate your assets, but not all at once!

 Mistake #2 – The Sale Trap

Ahh, the alluring sales rack. Falling victim to the affordability of sale items can sometimes result in compromising your style choices. You think, “Wow, I’m getting such a great deal!” But, many times we don’t actually end up wearing those pieces. When we beeline for the sales, we often overlook style and fit, which should be more important than price. So, be strategic and think about what you need in your wardrobe and what you might be missing from your basics checklist. The next time you see something that you “love” on the sale rack, ask yourself these three questions:

1) Am I just buying this because it’s a designer brand or just because it’s an awesome price?
2) Do I truly love this piece?
3) Does it fill a void in my closet? 

Answering these questions will help you save money and avoid purchasing regrettable pieces!

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Mistake #3 – Last Minute Buys

If you have any big events or trips on your calendar, be sure to plan ahead! Waiting until the last minute causes impulsive decisions. And, let’s be real, how many times do you buy the perfect piece at the last minute?? There’s too much pressure! It’s rare that an impulsive purchase is the best option, that’s why we call it an impulse buy. Don’t forget about renting too! For any event, trip, or special occasion, you can always rent from online retailers like Rent The Runway.

Mistake #4 –  Ill-Fitting Clothes

 We all have those items in our closets that we KNOW fit and flatter our bodies. But we also have those garments that just don’t. If you are one bite of pizza away from busting out of your jeans, those aren’t the best choice right now. Hiding in a huge sweater isn’t the answer either.  You don’t want to wear garments that are either way too big or too tight. They can actually make you look larger, not slimmer. A tailor can be your best friend if you have items that need to be hemmed, let out, or taken in. I’ve talked recently about how I’m not feeling my best in some of my clothes due to our recent travels… so, I’m adjusting my style choices to fit the body I have right now.

style mistakes we all make, check rear view,

 Mistake #5 – The Rear View

Don’t forget to check out the rear view before you leave the house. There can be ALL sorts of things going on back there!  Visible panty lines (VPLs), a tag hanging out of your blouse (I’m guilty of this one), toilet paper spilling out of your pants.  Yup, it happens! Another big offender – those garment-hanging loops on the inside of your blouse or dress that always seem to peek out the armholes.

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Mistake #6 – Wrong Undergarments

Choosing the proper undergarments is a MUST. You should not only think about comfort, but also make sure you wear a bra that lifts, smooths, and supports. The opposite will be unflattering and aging. And, with your undies (remember the VPL issue I just mentioned?) make sure with fitted or light-colored pants or jeans you wear no-show or thong panties. My favorite, most comfortable nude undies are these by Natori. And, a great smoothing bra for any stubborn back fat is this one by Soma.

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 Mistake #7 – Avoiding Trends

I get countless messages from women over 40 saying that they are nervous to try certain trends out of fear that it will look like you are trying too hard or trying to reclaim your youth. Here’s my advice… Just because you are getting older, doesn’t mean you have to spiral into frumptown. Experiment… Be modern and sexy! When in doubt, pick one trendy piece and pair it with well-fitting classic pieces or basics.

Which one of these fashion mistakes are you guilty of?? Please share with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear your funny stories!

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7 thoughts on “You’ll Want To Avoid These 7 Unflattering Fashion Mistakes We All Make!

  1. Well, as I’m reading this I’m wearing shorts and a ribbed tank top! It was 84 in mid December today. I just turned 39 and today was the last day of too much skin! Thank you for reminder!

  2. Hi erin. I ejoyed last week’s post abOut jewelry; however, i was hoping to see more Of statement necklaces such as the beautiful one You’re wearing on page 46 (gold chain with black stones) of the style made simple booKlet i ordered from amazon. Any suggestion where i could find something like that?
    Hope you’re little one gets back on her feet soon.

  3. I am guilty, guilty of checking the sale and/OR Clearance rack first! I really hate to pay full price. I am also guilty of not checking the 360 view. I just don’t have a good mirror situation! And maybe I’m a little lazy!

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