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Are You Guilty of These 7 Fashion Mistakes?

Fashion Mistakes We All Make!

Life is too short not to poke fun at yourself every now and again. Take fashion, for example. Through the years there have definitely been some doozies and what I would now consider fashion mistakes. I know some of these common mishaps have happened to you too. You will no doubt crack up thinking about those moments. So, grab your coffee or tea and let’s have a laugh!

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 Fashion Mistake #1 | Falling into the Sale Trap

Women's fashion blogger over 40, Erin Busbee, shops Nordstrom's anniversary sale and shares her favorite fashion picks on

Heading straight for the sale rack is one of the biggest fashion mistakes we make! When we beeline for the sales, we often overlook style and fit, which should be more important than price. It’s best to be strategic about what you purchase and that way you won’t fall into the sale vortex. The next time you see something that you “love” on the sale rack, ask yourself these three questions:

1) Am I just buying this because it’s a designer brand or just because it’s an awesome price?

2) Do I truly love this piece?

3) Does it fill a void in my closet? 

Answering these questions will help you to save money, avoid purchasing regrettable pieces, and steer clear of this common fashion mistake.

Fashion Mistake #2 | Purchasing Items at the Last Minute

Women's fashion blogger over 40, Erin Busbee, wears a blush pleated wrap maxi dress by Reformation with Treasure & Bond espadrilles on Location: Moab, Utah

If you have any big events on your calendar, be sure to plan ahead! Waiting until the last minute causes you to make impulsive decisions. And, let’s be real, how many times do you buy the perfect piece at the last minute?? It’s rare that an impulsive purchase is the best option, that’s why we call it an impulse buy. Don’t forget about renting too! For big events, you can always rent from stores like Rent The Runway.

Fashion Mistake #3 | Wearing Clothes that Don’t Fit

 Can you say “skinny jeans?” You know those jeans you have in your drawer that fit you perfectly 10 pounds ago… and now when you put them on, you basically have to cut off your circulation…. and it leaves skin and fat hanging over the top?? This is top of mind because there are several pairs of jeans right now in my drawer that fit into that category. I talked about my recent weight gain in my video about menopause here.

 Fashion Mistake #4 | Checking the Rear View

Date Night Outfits, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of wearing a black puff sleeve blouse by IRO, ripped skinny jeans by Rag & Bone, Schutz black croc-embossed knee high boots, Chanel boy bag, and Topshop belt in Telluride, Colorado

Don’t forget to check out the rearview. There can be ALL sorts of things going on back there, from VPL’s or visible panty lines to TP!! Yes, some of us have actually left a strip of toilet paper in our pants or undies… and left the restroom. Totally mortifying. I haven’t committed that fashion mistake, but I certainly have been guilty of the VPL problem.

 Fashion Mistake #5 | Wearing the Wrong Undergarments

Women's fashion blogger over 40, Erin Busbee, wears wireless bra by Jockey on

Choosing the proper undergarments is a MUST. You should not only think about comfort, but also make sure you wear a bra that lifts and supports. The opposite will be unflattering and aging. And, with your undies, remember the VPL issue I just mentioned?? Make sure with fitted or light-colored pants or jeans you wear no-show or thong panties. My favorite thongs are by Hanky Panky. My favorite regular undies are these by Natori.

 Fashion Mistake #6 | Showing Too Much Skin

Date Night Outfits, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of wearing black minimally distressed jeans, Jimmy Choo pumps, and faux leather one shoulder top by Nanushka in Telluride, Colorado

Before I dive into this one, let me say… you should always wear what makes you happy!! For real. You should. I talked about that in my video rewriting the style rules here. My suggestion is… if you want to look elegant and classy, follow the one skin rule. That is; only show one area of skin at a time. For example, if you want to show off your chest or shoulder like I am above, you can opt for more coverage on your lower half. If you wear a mini dress, maybe select one with sleeves.

 Fashion Mistake #7 | Avoiding Trends Because of Age

Women's fashion blogger over 40 Erin Busbee of wears black vinyl jogger pants by RtA with black Michael Kors booties and a white cashmere turtleneck sweater by Brochu Walker, in Telluride, Colorado

You all often share with me that you are nervous to try certain trends out of fear that it will look like you are trying too hard… or trying to reclaim your youth. Here’s the scoop… just because you are getting older, doesn’t mean you have to spiral into frumptown. WEAR TRENDS! Be modern and sexy!! (Yes, I’m shouting.) When in doubt pick one trendy piece, and pair it with well-fitting classic or basic pieces.

Which one of these fashion mistakes are you guilty of?? Please share with us in the comments below… cause we want to giggle! 

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  2. I am guilty, guilty of checking the sale and/OR Clearance rack first! I really hate to pay full price. I am also guilty of not checking the 360 view. I just don’t have a good mirror situation! And maybe I’m a little lazy!

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