4 Secrets From A Stylist On Achieving Perfect Holiday Hair

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Holiday Hair Tips!

You have the invitation. You have the festive outfit (thank you, Erin!), the sparkly shoes and the gorgeous lip to go with it. Now, you just need the perfect holiday hair to pull it all together. There’s no need to stress because I’ve got you covered with four of the best hair tips from my amazing stylist, Amanda with The Hampton Salon.   And not to worry – there’s nothing complicated or overly fussy.  Just a few tricks and some great product suggestions to help get you party ready in no time!

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Condition, Condition, Condition

Great holiday hair begins with healthy, well-conditioned hair. That means using a moisturizing hair mask. It can be as quick as letting the product sit for 5-minutes while in the shower. Or actually sleeping in it overnight (just put a towel on your silk pillowcase). It makes such a difference! Blowouts look smoother and curls last longer. It's a must.
Kiehl’s Hair Mask
Hair Moisture Mask
Herbal Essence Hydrating Mask

Consider a Professional Blowout

I know that this involves an extra step but hear me out. Spend 30 minutes (and a few dollars) at your local salon and get that perfectly done, perfectly smooth blowout before an event or party. Sleep on a silk pillowcase with your hair piled high in a scrunchie, and that blowout will LAST. Day two, spritz roots with a volumizer and use a curling wand for big hair. Day three, you'll still have light waves. (I've been known to stretch a blowout a good 5 days, but don't tell anyone.)
Drybar Round Brush Styler
Slip Silk Pillowcase
Bumble & Bumble Texture Spray

Go With Your Natural Texture and Add Hair Accessories

When I want to really change things up, I'll just go with my natural texture, which is wavy-to-curly hair. I'll air dry it and then add really fun and sparkly hair accessories, like a cluster of bobby pins or hair clips. Do you have naturally straight hair? Brush it smooth into a low ponytail and play with hairbands or pony cuffs for a cool, modern look.
Gucci Star Hair Clip
Jennifer Behr Crystal Hairband
Crystal & Gold Hair Pins
Ponytail Hair Tassel

Double Check Those Roots!

Whether you want to cover up gray or simply fix uneven color regrowth, double check those roots. Especially if you're wearing your hair up or pulled back. I'm nearly 90% gray now, so I'm always touching up. But just as important, I make sure to color my brows, too. (Amanda tells me that most women forget that step!) And while they don't have to "match", having a bit of depth to your brow really makes a difference.
Clairol Root Touch Up
L’Oreal Root Cover Spray
Color Wow Root and Brow
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