How To Keep Your Makeup and Skincare Organized

Skincare & Makeup Organization Tips

I’m tackling the scariest and most unorganized thing in most of our homes…our skincare/makeup/toiletries drawers! You know exactly what I mean…you open up your drawer or your cabinet and you basically only know where your essentials are. It’s a jungle in there! It’s easy to stack up a makeup collection over time and let it all get out of control. It might seem like a never-ending process, but there are some systems and resources that you can put into place to make everything more organized and easier to find!

How To Organization Your beauty Products, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of sharing how she organized her beauty, skincare, and haircare products in her bathroom in Telluride, ColoradoWelcome to the jungle! Under my bathroom sink BEFORE organizing…

Before You Start

Any strategy starts with a well-laid-out plan, and organization is no different. Think of how you like to organize, and what you are going to need to accomplish that. I follow a simple philosophy in organizing my makeup and skincare areas. I put the more commonly used items in more accessible areas. I put the products I use daily towards the front of the cabinet, and the less commonly used items are more tucked away. Of course, this is practical, and it allows me to access the makeup and skincare that I use every single day.

Let’s take a closer look at what I used to get my cabinets and counter organized…

How To Organization Your beauty Products, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of sharing how she organized her beauty, skincare, and haircare products in her bathroom in Telluride, ColoradoVoila!! The AFTER

#1 | Linen Trays

I like to use these linen trays to neatly hold certain items in my cabinets. I put them at the front of my cabinet beneath my sink to hold those important items that I use every day.

#2 | Shelf

I also use a metal shelf that goes under the sink. (You can see it in the back of the cabinet) This gives me extra storage in the back. With the shelf, I can stack trays on top of the shelf and on the bottom. It gives me SO much more space!

#3 | Plastic Bins

I also use plastic trays for smaller accessories and products like extra makeup. The plastic trays have several compartments for easy organization. I put them on the top shelf of my rack in the back. These are things that I use less often, and I can easily tuck them away at the back. They are still organized, and I know where they are when I need them, but they are tucked away and out of sight to make room for my more commonly used products.

#4 | Lip Stick Holder

I really enjoy this lipstick or lip gloss holder. I keep it right at the front of the cabinet because lipstick is something that I wear pretty much every day. It is so tough to organize lipstick when thrown into a bin, but a tray like this is easy to pull out and tell what’s what from a glance.

#5 | File Holder

A really unique idea that I saw is to use a file holder to store your hair products! In my file holder, I put my straightening iron, the extra barrels for my curling iron, and my hairdryer. It’s a really nice idea to have all these tools in one place and within arm’s reach. Also, because the file folder slopes down, it makes it much easier to see what is inside of it! This is a really neat idea and speaks to the fact that there are so many little things already in your home that you can use for an organization. You probably have resources and tools that you haven’t even thought of that would be perfect for organizing!

#6 | Wood Containers

I love these wooden containers from Target. I use one on the counter and the other one on the exposed shelf below my sink. The white wooden one is on my white counter because it blends in with my counter. The darker wood option is on my shelf because it’s a similar color to my shelf and blends in. I use both to house everyday makeup items like brushes, eyeliner, lipstick, highlighter, etc. Since I use them every day, I like having them out and within quick reach.

#7 | Baskets

I actually have big giant baskets that I slide underneath my sink. In these, I put a bunch of assorted products that I don’t have space for anywhere else. As a blogger, I get a lot of products sent to me for review…so it’s hard to find a place for those sometimes! It helps to have a big space such as this for overflow so that it isn’t clogging up other areas.

#8 | Makeup Organizer

I mentioned the wooden tray from Target above, but it’s worth noting that I also love this as an organizer for my daily makeup. I really love the tray because it is well divided into compartments and separates all of the daily essentials. These trays are also quite pretty. Remember to keep your most frequently used products front and center so it’s easier to get to them.

#9 | Wireless Mirror

I like this nice, chic, wireless mirror that I can keep on my counter. It won’t clutter my counter with wires and is super easy to help me apply all my makeup. I keep it right on the counter because it’s another thing that I use every single day.

How To Organization Your beauty Products, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of sharing how she organized her beauty, skincare, and haircare products in her bathroom in Telluride, ColoradoHow To Organization Your beauty Products, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of sharing how she organized her beauty, skincare, and haircare products in her bathroom in Telluride, Colorado

More Organization Options

Everyone has different spaces and organization preferences, but I’m hoping my tips above will help you organize that dreaded cabinet under your bathroom sink…and all of your toiletries.  The most important thing is to get some applicable tools before you start and then just dive in. Sometimes just starting is the hardest part. You can even find more organization posts below...


Have you done any organizing lately? Find any holy grail resources?? Let us know in the comments below!

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