Three Simple Ways to Update Your Fall Makeup Routine

Fall Color Palette

I love everything about the fall season. From the cozy sweaters, blazers and boots to the décor to the overall mood, I love it all. Unfortunately, this Southern California weather rarely cooperates. With temps often hovering around 85 degrees, I simply change up my fall makeup looks to get those autumn vibes I crave.

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Fall Color Palette

Fall makeup leans a little more into a cozy, warmer palette with darker eye and lip colors. So, creamier textures, deeper shades or different techniques can make all the difference to updating our makeup routine. Though I still love a dewy finish for my foundation, you’ll find my fall makeup is all about a smoky eye, bold brow or statement lip, and a dark jewel tone nail look.  So, grab that PSL, and let’s take a look at a few ways to update your fall makeup.

What fall makeup is calling YOUR name?  Is it a red lip, emerald green polish, plum liner or all of the above?  I’d love to hear! Meanwhile, be sure to subscribe to Erin’s newsletter for more tips, blog posts delivered directly to your inbox, and incredible style resources when you sign up here.

Double Duty Bronzer

Though I seldom use bronzer in the summer, it’s perfect come fall. It definitely boosts dull, post-summer complexions. But more than that, it’s ideally used as a light blush or eye shadow. Actually, I LOVE using my Tarte powder bronzer on my lips. It somehow matches my natural lip color and makes for a very monochromatic look that’s so cool and modern. Try it!
Tarte Amazonian Bronzer
Hourglass Ambiant Bronzer
Saie Sun Melt
Revolution Matte Bronzer

Bold Lips For The Win

If you’ve read my very cleverly written bio below, you know my enduring love of a nude lip. But come fall, there’s nothing better than a rich burgundy, bold red or muted plum. Matte or satin textures are really wearable and definitely the way to go (leave the uber glossed dark lips to the Tik-Tok set). I know lip liners have gotten a bad rap, but when used with a lip balm, you can get a great look that's pretty long-lasting too.
MAC Satin Lipstick
Bobbi Brown Lipstick
L’Oreal Colouriche Lipstick
NYX Suede Matte Lip
Urban Decay Lip Liner

Monochrome Makes A Statement

Strong lips often benefit from a softened eye. Nude lips look amazing with a bold eye. But let me add that a strong lip and bold eye are far more modern and can look equally amazing. Just keep the look monochromatic. That means if you love a burgundy lip, choose an eyeshade in that same color family. Blend super, super well so that it’s more of a wash. I’m loving the color combo of Laura Mercier’s shadow sticks in Plum and Khaki with MAC lipstick in Verve or Paramount. Charlotte Tilbury's Golden Goddess eye palette with L’Oreal’s Organza or Seine Sunset lipstick is also perfect!
Chanel Eyeshadow Quad
Charlotte Tilbury Eye Palette
Too Faced Eye Palette
Laura Mercier Eye Shadow Sticks
Francine Harris
Meet Francine, our self-described skin care and beauty junkie. As a 40-something Southern California native, Francine is a firm believer in the power of sunscreen and a gorgeous nude lip. She’s an AKT Fitness owner and hi-tech marketing communications consultant by day and mom to three high-energy, testosterone-driven boys by night (hence her preference for red wine with an ice cream chaser).
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