11 Tips To Have Better Sex After Menopause

11 Tips To Have Better Sex After Menopause

Sex after menopause can seem like a big deal. With all of the hormone changes, we can be left with lower energy levels and a lower sex drive. It may take longer for us to be aroused, and our bodies may need more time to respond to our arousal.

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Keep Up Your Hobbies

It’s often said that a woman’s largest sex organ is her brain. So keep working on that part of you. Make sure you’re making time to do the things you like to, and those that challenge you a little bit.

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Foreplay: Lots Of It

We know foreplay makes for better sex. But it can be easy to think about it as only the intimate stuff you do right before intercourse.

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Pelvic Exercises

Yes, you still need to do Kegels. Remember, those exercises are responsible for keeping your pelvic floor strong and toned.

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Botanical-Based Oils

There is some evidence that a mixture of topical botanicals can increase female arousal. Let’s be clear. It is not just any essential oil that you can use.

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Increase Blood Flow

Vibrators and other devices can increase blood flow to the vagina and the clitoris. Increasing blood flow to these areas can make sex more comfortable – and more fun.

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