What I Bought Everyone For The Holidays

What I Bought Everyone For The Holidays

If you haven’t finished up your holiday shopping yet…I’m here to help! I’m sharing what I bought everyone in my family in the video above and post below.

And if this doesn’t help, I have an entire Holiday Gift Guide here.

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For The Hubby

Every year I struggle with what to get my husband.
He has a ton of hobbies but he’s very particular about what he uses to execute those hobbies.
And, he definitely does NOT like clothes.
So I usually assemble a photo book! Hopefully he is not reading this right now.
I love to use iPhoto because it’s really user-friendly.
I make photo books for every trip we take and sometimes just a year in review themed book.

For Mom

My mom has a birthday and Christmas in the same month.
So this year I’m sending her a Henri Bendel Jetsetter Backpack!
She has a beige one and LOVES it so I’m going to send her a black one (she loves them and has talked about wanting another).
I’m also sending her a Colleen Rothschild Discovery Kit, which is such a great gift and perfect for travel.
I’m also giving her plane ticket to come see me!

Extended Family

I don’t get gifts for my siblings…I’m one of four kids.
Three of us have kids…so that’s a lot of gifting.
We all collectively decided that we wouldn’t give gifts to each other.
We get gifts for the kids instead.
For the older kids I usually do Amazon gift cards and for the younger kids, I send them toys from Amazon.
I’ll ask what they’re interested in, and figure out what to get them from there.

For Teachers

I’m getting Target gift cards.
These gift cards don’t charge you an activation fee like the Visa and MasterCard gift cards.
Plus…everyone loves Target!

For Kids

Elizabeth and Gage both have a lot of things.
And since we live in a tiny cabin now, we don’t have a lot of storage space and big gifts are completely off the table.
I also do NOT want to overload them with stuff.
They each get one gift from Santa, 3 gifts from mom and dad and then the rest are from grandma and aunts/uncles.

For Elizabeth

Elizabeth said she wanted a stuffed reindeer.
She loves reindeer and stuffed animals and this one is really cute.

Another thing she asked for is an Easy Bake Oven!
I remember my sister getting one when we were kids and we LOVED it.
The Easy Bake Oven has really come a long way…it’s much more modern and updated now.
To go along with the oven I got this cute chef accessory set. It includes an apron, chef hat, spatula, and spoon.

I also got her this Melissa & Doug jewelry making set.
We discovered that she really loves making jewelry when she was visiting my mom once so I think she’ll really like this.

I also got her a Pottery Barn suitcase.
Right now she has a very beat up two-wheeler and I wanted her to have something a little nicer so I ordered this four wheeler, monogram-able, hardtop suitcase.
I love the Pottery Barn suitcases because they’re great quality and bold so they really stand out while you’re traveling.

For Gage

Gage asked for three things so I got him versions of the things he asked for.
First, he wanted these ice skate guards.
You put them on your ice skates and turn them into roller skates, which I think is really cool!

Next, he told me that he wanted to grow something.
I found this cool ‘Plant A Pizza Garden’ and you can actually grow basil, oregano, peppers, and tomatoes in this little pizza pie shape.
I thought it would be so fun for him to grow these herbs that we can actually all eat and use in our meal prep.

Lastly, he asked for a Hot Wheels track. It’s lightweight and small so it won’t take up too much room. We’re also going to get him a little truck to go along with it.

So each kid is going to have about three presents from mom and dad, one from Santa, plus presents from grandma and aunts and uncles.

For Work Associates

I’m going to send some travel candles from Henri Bendel to some key business contacts that I enjoy working with as a little thank you to them.

For Myself

Of course, you can’t forget yourself!
This year was a really great year for my business so I got myself was the iPhone X.
(My husband and I alternate upgrading. It was my turn when the 8 and X came out)
I also bought myself a Celine belt bag…which was a BIG present for myself, and I just love it so much!
It feels like a symbol of success in some ways.

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Holiday Shopping

Be sure to stop by my Holiday Shop if you are looking for ideas.
Or check out my epic Holiday Gift Guide here.

I am also VERY honored Henri Bendel asked me to select my favorite gift ideas for their website.
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