The Proven Way To Help You Beat The Stuck-At-Home Blues

The Proven Way To Help You Beat The Stuck-At-Home Blues

Wear Bright Colors!

It’s a known fact that wearing brighter colors can make you happier! Some of my favorite “happy” colors are yellow, blue, and pink! So of course, I’m wearing those colors around the house to keep me from getting those stuck-at-home blues! When I’m working, lounging, or working out, I’m trying to wear those brighter colors to keep up the positivity! What bright colors make you happy? Are you wearing them around the house to fight off the quarantine blues?

Stylish Work From Home Outfits, Fashion blogger wearing yellow Veronica Beard blazer white cami, Moussy Vintage jeans, golden goose sneakers


#1 | Bright Work-From-Home Outfit Options

I shared this bright work-from-home outfit in this video with some of my WFH go-to’s! I love how bright and happy this outfit is! I’m wearing a yellow Veronica Beard blazer I bought a few years ago. It’s sold out so I linked a similar option. Underneath I’m wearing a white cami tucked into some Moussy Vintage relaxed fit jeans. This outfit is comfortable, stylish, and uplifting! I also feel pulled together and polished… ready to work!

Loungewear Outfits, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of sharing her favorite loungewear including a light blue set by Selkie that have a cropped sweatshirt and high rise wide leg jeans in Telluride, Colorado


#2 | Bright Loungewear Favorites

I’m in love with this loungewear set by Selkie! The color is beautiful and I love how stylish the wide-leg pants and cropped sweatshirt look together! Sometimes wearing loungewear can make us feel tired or lazy. But wearing BRIGHT loungewear can completely change that!

Red Duchess blazer by Smythe on fashion blogger over 40 Erin Busbee of Busbee Style


#3 | The Perfect Zoom Jacket!

Here’s another work-from-home favorite! Dark wash skinny jeans, paired with a simple white tee and a bold, red blazer! This the perfect jacket for Zoom when you really want to be seen and heard. It is such a beautiful color that really pops on screen. And, SMYTHE is one of my favorite blazer lines for petite women!! 

I’m challenging you to wear at least one bright color this week to see how it makes you feel! 

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