7 of Our Favorite Comfortable and Chic Travel Shoes Made For Walking!

Comfortable and Chic Travel Shoes!

How many times have you been on a trip, and ended up walking and walking, only to regret your shoe choice later on?? It’s happened to me more times than I can count. Never underestimate the importance of comfortable shoes and happy feet while traveling! Shoes can literally make or break your experience. Getting your shoes right is SO hard and yet SO important. I only brought a few key pairs of shoes with me when we moved to Spain, and on our recent trip to Vietnam & China, I only brought four pairs! I wanted to share the best of the best… the shoes that not only look stylish but are also truly made for walking.

If you missed the posts on our trip to Vietnam and China, you can find those here and here. Plus everything I wore and tips in this post.

Comfortable and Chic Travel Shoes

New Balance Comfortable and Chic Travel Shoes New Balance 327 Sneakers

#1) New Balance 327 Sneakers

These New Balance sneakers are comfortable, stylish, and worked perfectly for days on our trip with lots of walking. They are essentially normal running shoes, but with a more elevated look and feel. The overall shape, color, and materials feel more modern and chic, which makes them the perfect combination of fashion and function! These sneakers are so popular that they go in and out of stock constantly, so I linked a few more color options in the same style below. I have them in two different neutrals and a black pair. They run true to size (TTS). Quick note: When I go on trips, I typically like to wear my bulkiest and heaviest shoes on travel days to save room in my suitcase. Taking that into account, I also like to make sure that the shoes I wear on travel days are airport security-friendly…meaning they’re easy to get on and off. While these sneakers do have laces, they’re pretty easy to just slip on and off if you’re in a hurry.

Madewell Double-Strap Sandals

#2) Madewell Double-Strap Sandals

Next up is a pair of shoes that I’ve taken on two trips now and really love. They are super comfortable double-strap sandals by Madewell. We walked for hours in Vietnam, and these never hurt my feet. Even if you’re not headed on a trip, these are a great pair of sandals to have in your closet! (For those familiar with the Birkenstock fit, these Madewell sandals are similar-ish, but show less “toes,” which I appreciate.) They run TTS.

Chloe Sneakers Comfortable Chloe Sneakers
#3) Chloe Sneakers

These super cool Chloe sneakers are perfect for travel because they’re neutral and will go with everything…Plus, they’re very comfortable! I’ve had these for almost 3 years and have taken them on almost every trip we’ve been on. They even doubled as hiking shoes for me on a trip to the Middle East (not ideal, but they did the trick!). They have that chunky-sole platform that’s on-trend and adds a little height. They’re a little more elegant than plain white sneakers. And they have really cool black and camel stitching that’s super unique. I like to wear them with everything from jeans and dresses to shorts and skirts. They run TTS.

Mercedes Castillo Slides | Comfortable and Chic Travel Shoes Mercedes Castillo Slides review
#4) Mercedes Castillo Slides

These Mercedes Castillo slides were another pair of shoes I took on our trip to the Middle East a few years ago and they’re SO comfortable. Like…walked-for-6-hours-and-my-feet-didn’t-hurt comfortable! They’re really beautiful, high-quality white leather with perforated details on the sides so your feet don’t get hot. And they’re adjustable! The Birkenstock-esque shoes are very “in” right now and these felt like a sophisticated interpretation of the trend. I also love the white for summer. They run TTS but are completely sold out so I linked another pair of chic sandals by the brand here…definitely a brand worth checking out!

Comfortable Shoes For Travel Rag & Bone Slides
#5) Rag & Bone Slides

I shared these super comfortable slide sandals in this post where I featured an outfit that could go from your couch to the curb and legit feels like pajamas! These sandals have a memory foam sole so they’re unbelievably spongy and comfortable, plenty of arch support, and are the perfect shoes for women who need all day comfort. The straps across your foot are soft too so they don’t cut into your feet. It’s basically like wearing your slippers…but you can actually leave the house in them! I mean…what more could you want? I’d wear these around the house, running errands, and yes, even for long days of walking during travel! Be careful though, this style of shoes can go from chic to frumpy, fast. When I wear these, I like to wear longer pants or jeans with them. I have the black, but they also come in beige (perfect for summer). I linked them from a few different retailers below…

For tips on how to NOT look frumpy, check out this post.

Golden Goose Sneakers with denim shorts Golden Goose Sneakers
#6) Golden Goose Sneakers

You probably aren’t surprised that Golden Goose sneakers are some of my favorite travel shoes. I know they’re pricey but the cost per wear for me is well worth it. Plus, they’re SO comfortable and stylish. I’m going to go ahead and say it now…it’s possible these sneakers are no longer “on-trend” for some people (don’t shoot the messenger!). But the comfort level is too good not to mention them in a travel shoe roundup like this! You can walk forever in these, no problem! Your feet will thank you. For a more affordable sneaker brand, check out Veja. I did a full review of their sneakers here in case you’re interested.

If you missed this post, it has my full review of Golden Goose sneakers including sizing info, break-in time, and more.

white outfit in parisSlide-On Sneakers
#7)  Slide-On Sneakers

Backless sneakers or mule sneakers solve two main problems I have with travel shoes…they don’t rub my heels and my feet don’t get hot in them! There are tons of slip-on, backless sneaker options out there. The sneakers I’m wearing are very old but I linked a few similar options below…

What is your go-to travel walking shoe that’s stylish and comfortable?? Please share in the comments below so everyone can benefit from your experiences.

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14 thoughts on “7 of Our Favorite Comfortable and Chic Travel Shoes Made For Walking!

  1. Hi Erin,
    I appreciate your style choices and also your honesty! I would be interested in seeing a selection of stylish performance tops. We will be traveling to Northern Italy in September. Our trip has a combination of Cities (Milan & Venice) and biking and hiking in the Dolomites. And then oldly, after two weeks there we will be spending a week in the Canary Islands before heading home. The variety in this trip is making packing light difficult. Would appreciate your input!
    Thanks for sharing all the details and tips!

    1. Hi Carla! That is a big trip to plan for! Here’s a few of our favorite brands that fit the bill for you…
      Beyond Yoga |
      Travis Matthew |
      Vuori |
      You can also look for natural fabrics like linen and cotton… Quince is a great place for you to look as well!

      I hope this helps on your search, and hope you have the BEST time on your trip!! ~Team Busbee

  2. Thank you for your comfortable/stylish shoe Update!! Highly recommend Ilse Jacobsen shoes. Presently in Denmark and so best time to check for New Jacobsen shoes…..and…may be a handbag?? Love your blog.
    All the best to you/your Team!

    1. You’re welcome, Angela! Thank you for your sweet words. I’m SO glad you found a shoe you love. ~Erin xo

  3. Old school chucks are my favorite for travel! Shoreline style that are no tie with the elastic ankle makes them easy to slide on and stay on. I wear with no-show socks to control odor when walking excessively. I fly a lot and if pre-check is not available, they don’t hold me up when going through TSA. I have many pairs but usually wear my black ones with loose yoga pants a T and my favorite big scarf… to protect me from germs and cold air 🙂

  4. I don’T know why but mule shoes are difficult to keep on my feet. I have several pairs, but it’s a challenge. I don’t wear mules when i have to cover a lot of ground.

  5. Hi Erin! Thank you for all the resEarch you pUt into the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY Sale. So helpful! I’m confused about what you said in Your you tube viDeo about Icon status being able to shop online on the 11th. In the email i RECEIVED for icon pre-shop in STORES 9-11, there was no mention of online early access on the 11th. I know you have contacts at Nordstrom, so just wanted to confirm this. That would be awesome! i won’t be home in Colorado then, so I’M going to drive an hour and a half in our rental car to the King of Prussia mall near Philly on the 9th, but If i can’t make it, early online access on the 11th would be great! Thanks again for all your hard work!


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