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Finding Sympathy Can Change Your Life

How to Find It

When someone pisses you off… whether it’s the checkout lady at the drugstore, or a parent that really messed you up.
It can be REALLY hard to find any sympathy. We often default to… what a a**hole that person is! Why would they treat me like that???

Instead, I challenge you to:
1) Take a deep breath.
2) Try to understand that their decision to act like a butthead… has nothing to do with you.
3) And, lastly, consider their circumstances.
Maybe something is going on with them that is REALLY crappy.
This doesn’t excuse behavior, but it can help YOU make peace with it.

So, with the cashier, it’s pretty simple to tell yourself, I bet her boyfriend just broke up with her.

With your crappy parent, it’s a little more complicated.

My Family

In my case, my father, whom I now believe suffered from PTSD from the Vietnam war, was never there for me or my family.
It took years of therapy, letter writing, asking a lot of tough questions and having a rock as a husband… to get to a place where I sympathized for him (versus feeling sorry for myself).

When he passed away at 51, I felt deep sadness and loss for him…
I imagined the life that could have been, that never was. How he missed out on his kids, grandkids and all the wonderful milestones of family life.

I know this just took a heavy turn, but we all have stuff…
And, some of it is pretty heavy.

I hope this video above helps you find sympathy for those difficult people you encounter in your lives.


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