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Real Talk | Forgiveness #MeToo

Forgiveness is Freedom

How to Forgive

Have you’ve ever said…I’ll NEVER forgive him or her?? I know I have. That is powerful language.
Consider this… if you do not forgive, you carry about resentment and anger. Those emotions hold you prisoner. They prevent you from being truly free.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you accept someone’s bad behavior, or the crappy way they treated you.
It means you accept it happened. You let it go… and you move on.
And, in most cases, you move on from the person who wronged you.

It can be as small as the friend who always promises to get together, and never follows through, driving you completely mad.
To as heavy.. as someone who sexually abused you, which I talk about in this video (below).

It’s NOT Easy

Forgiveness is NOT easy, and we will all likely find it in different ways.
Often the hardest person to forgive…is yourself. I’m still working on that one.
I talk about some of the things that have helped me find forgiveness in the video above.

I hope you will watch as I think it is a vitally important, and rarely discussed topic.


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