What To Buy Millennials for the Holidays | Gift Guide

Millennial Gift Guide

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Millennial Gift Guide

Hi y’all… this is Kaitlyn. I have been working with Erin for several months now.
(For more info about me you can check out this post)
Since I am a Millennial…I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my favorite gift ideas …  for your daughters, nieces, or any other millennial in your life!

My Picks

#1 is perfect for completing a bar cart.
I love that the luxe gold tools stay organized on a chic marble stand!

#2, #11 and #19 are great options for a homebody.
The silk pillowcase is perfect for getting your beauty sleep,
the faux fur blanket (that also comes in a pretty dark turquoise) makes it easy to curl up and relax on the weekends,
and the slippers keep you warm and cozy in your apartment.

I love how cute and casual #3 is!
You can throw them on with leggings and a tee and be out the door in no time!
And they come in NINE colors!

If you’re shopping for someone and want to get them something nice but not something too out there, check out #4, #5, #6, #13, and #20!
They are all classic basics that are super stylish!

A watch is always a safe gift idea but I love that this one (#7) has a white band!

This Alexis Bittar stacked ring (#8) is really beautiful and such an easy addition to an outfit!

Know someone who loves their tech?
#9, #10, #14, and #18 are great options!
I really love #10! It’s super functional and fashionable!
For a SUPER affordable gift idea, #18 is perfect!

Help your 20-something keep their apartment, house, etc. clean and tidy with #12!

I LOVE #15!
They are the ‘Live In Leggings’ by Zella (#15)…
and they’re so comfortable you really can live in them!
I wear mine around the apartment, to run errands, and to work out!
More from Zella here.

#16 is a perfect for someone that loves to cook and stay healthy!

If you have someone extra special and want to buy them a very nice luxury gift, I LOVE #17!

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BusbeeStyle 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring gift ideas picks by Erin Busbee, Busbee Style, Telluride Colorado

Holiday Gift Guide

Don’t forget to check out Erin’s Gift Guide (above) and Holiday Shop! And her Henri Bendel holiday gift shop here.

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2 thoughts on “What To Buy Millennials for the Holidays | Gift Guide

  1. Hi Kaitlyn,
    You did a great job helping us pick gifts for millennials .
    You must love working with the beautiful inside and out Erin.
    She spoke highly of you in a video.

    1. I’ll let you know, Rita!! She’ll be so excited…Kaitlyn has great taste on top of being incredibly smart and beautiful! Erin xo

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