I'm a Loyal Nordstrom Shopper: Here's What I'm Buying Now

I’m a Loyal Nordstrom Shopper: Here’s What I’m Buying Now

My Nordstrom Shopping Cart

I shop at Nordstrom A LOT! I pretty much place an online order every single week. Usually, I get the products shipped to me, style them, and then shoot them before I share the finds with you. But, through that process, sometimes things sell out! So instead of waiting to show you what I ordered, I thought it might be beneficial and fun for you to see what I’m thinking of buying from Nordstrom right now. That way you can get it while it’s still in stock! I’ve included my favorites in clothing, accessories, and beauty!

If you have any style questions…there’s a place for that! I’ve started the Busbee Style Hive where my team and I directly answer all of your style questions.

Nordstrom Shopping Cart, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of BusbeeStyle.com sharing 15 items from Nordstrom that she's thinking about buying!

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#1 | Snake Print Blouse

This snake print blouse is by Free People. It’s sheer so it will be perfect to layer under a jacket or coat. I think the print is subtle and wearable… perfect for a print-phobe. Wear a pretty black cami or a normal cotton camisole. It is also cropped so it will fall to just below the top of your high rise pants and jeans. No tucking required.

Shop more tops here.

#2 | Nordic Sweater

This sweater is by Polo Ralph Lauren. I love the colors and patterns in it! And it’s made of Italian wool so it’s SUPER warm and luxe.

Shop more sweaters here.

#3 | Square Neck Bodysuit

If you haven’t already tried a bodysuit, you should! Provided you can deal with the bathroom situation. I always step into my bodysuits and just pull the fabric to the side when I have to use the restroom. Obviously, you have to be very careful with that process. I love the square neckline on this bodysuit! And it comes in white. The beauty of the bodysuit is they stay tucked and clean.

#4 | Western Belt

This belt is a luxe-looking option that’s also affordable! It’s a Western-inspired style, which is very in right now! 

Shop more belts here.

#5 | Snake Embossed Bag

I wanted to give you an everyday option that also adds a pop to your look…and is quite affordable. Enter this crossbody, python-print bag. More handbags here.

#6 | Monica Vinader Ring

Monica Vinader is one of my favorite jewelry brands. I own another ring that I wear almost every day that’s a little bigger than this one. I love that this ring is a little daintier so you can layer it with all your other jewelry easily, even your wedding rings. It’s so beautiful and also comes in rose gold!

More jewelry here.

#7 | Ripped Mom Jeans

Baggy jeans are getting more and more popular! I recently did a post on baggy jeans here. And more denim styles that will make you want to ditch your skinny jeans here. These ripped mom jeans are by Topshop. I love the wash and they’re affordable too! You can edge them up even more with the bodysuit above, chic booties or dress them up with heels. Size UP! I’m wearing 28 x 30 (normally 26 in jeans).

#8 | Flare Jeans

Flared or wide-leg jeans are going to be one of the coolest jeans in 2020! Or at least that’s what all the fashion magazines are saying! I’ve been saying they are coming back since I started blogging and yet skinny jeans continue to prevail. I think it’ll be really interesting to see what happens with denim trends in 2020. The beauty of wide-leg jeans… they are slimming and stylish. They also balance out curvy hips. These jeans, by Mother, have a raw hem.

Shop more jeans here.

#9 | Moussy Vintage Jeans

Moussy Vintage is one of my favorite denim brands. They are a bit pricier but the washes and distressing make them really unique and special! I have the Lancaster style but these might have to be part of my closet too! They have a retro vibe, distressing, and a tapered leg. Size UP on these too!

Shop more Moussy Vintage here.

#10 | Sequin Houndstooth Blazer

Do you remember the blue L’Agence blazer from the Nordstrom Sale? I styled it here. This sequin blazer is by the same brand is just as gorgeous! It’s hard to see in the photos but it’s completely sequined! I love the houndstooth print too…isn’t that the coolest?? This blazer is definitely a statement piece!

More blazers here.

#11 | Puffer Coat

This long puffer coat has been a best seller recently! It comes in two colors and I love the way the quilting looks! It’s a lightweight puffer, but very warm. It also has a hood and it’s long so you’ll stay even warmer! Find more puffers in this post.

#12 | Sorel Boots

Sorel boots are my go-to for good winter snow boots. This pair is cute, has a wedge heel for those of us who need/want extra height, and they also come in black!

Shop more boots here.

#13 | Portable Mirror

Now for some beauty buys! This portable lighted mirror is by Riki Loves Riki. It has three brightness levels, it’s shatterproof, and it’s perfect for travel! I also bought the larger version that I keep in the master bathroom.

#14 | Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

I get asked what lipstick I’m wearing all the time! And the answer is usually the same…Charlotte Tilbury! This lipstick is in Liv It Up and it’s perfect for every day! I also love Bitch Perfect and Kidman’s Kiss for everyday pink.

#15 | Benefit Gimme Brow

This brow gel by Benefit Cosmetics is amazing! It makes your brows look so good and full! Ideal for those of us who overdid the plucking in the ’90s. You can get it in different shades to go perfectly with your hair color and skin tone. It also comes in travel or full size.

Shop more beauty here.

I would love YOUR input on Nordstrom shopping!! Have you uncovered a treasure that you are willing to share with me?? It’s impossible for me to review and test everything. I could sure use your help. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Erin….I’m a faithful watcher of your you tube videos. And today looked at this blog for the first time. Looking at your picks I’m guessing this is for people who can spend this much money on one item. That is not the people like myself, I’m sure the majority of those who actually watch your videos are like me. Maybe you could start doing some videos that would be a little more feasible for people like me. 348.00 for a sweater? Please. I understand the sweater is beautiful but seriously?
    Thanks for listening.

    1. Thanks for your note, Valerie and happy holidays to you. I try to always feature a range. I appreciate and understand all budgets. Is there anything we can help you find? Erin xo

  2. The #8 mother flare jeans just found theIr way into my Closet this week! I’m so Ready to add a different silhouette to my wardrobe other than skinnies! I’m anxious to hear what you think of them and how yoi style them, Both casual and Elevated. And also how you pair shoes with them!

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