10+ Tops That Make You Look Slimmer For An Instant Confidence Boost!

Regardless of what size you are, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress in a way that flatters your body. And, in some cases, that could mean desiring to look slimmer than you are. Liking the way you look and the way you dress can help you become more confident, boost your mood, and even maximize your productivity. And generally, just love yourself more! I mean, what could be better? Many times women are drawn to tops for their fabrics, colors, and exciting details BUT they forget to consider fit. Fit is VERY important when it comes to wearing clothes in a way that makes you look slimmer. So, if that is your goal, this post is for you! These tops and tips will make you look slimmer and help accentuate your best assets!

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If you are a petite woman looking for easy ways to look taller and leaner, this post has some game-changing styling tips! Plus, tips on how to look slimmer in dresses here.


slimming tops

Tips For Looking Slimmer in Tops

To kick things off, I have a few important tips to consider before you start looking for tops online, in-store, or in your closet.

  1. Proper Bra Fitting – I have mentioned this more times than I can count, but it bears repeating because it is a critical component in dressing to look slimmer. For your tops to fit and flatter, the girls need to be properly housed 😉 No spillage. No lumps and bumps. Too tight and too loose are equally problematic!
  2. Good Posture – This may seem obvious, but slouching or bad posture will NOT make you look slimmer no matter what you’re wearing! Shoulders back, chin up…it makes a big difference!
  3. Avoid Large Prints – Where you place prints is important. If you’re trying to make your upper body look slimmer, avoiding large, loud prints and opting for darker colors will have a more slimming effect.
  4. Jewelry Choice – Wearing long necklaces with your tops can create a long lean effect. Note: this tip isn’t ideal for very large-busted women.
  5. Pick 2 or 3 – To really maximize the slimming effect, pick tops that combine 2 or even 3 of the flattering features described in the details below. In this case…more is more!

Make sure you keep scrolling to the very end of the post for a selection of “combo tops” with multiple flattering and slimming features!


clothes to make you look slimmer

Veronica Beard Corlasee topTops That Make You Look Slimmer

10 Tops That Make You Look Slimmer

V-Neckline Tops

V-necklines are one of the easiest details to look for when it comes to finding tops that can make you look slimmer. It’s more of a subtle tip, but it works! Plus, V-neckline tops are abundant and pretty easy to find. V and scoop necks will definitely elongate your torso because they draw attention down your frame. They can also minimize your bust if you have a big bust. Here are 3 fabulous v-neckline tops that are new to my wardrobe! They’re all different styles so there’s something for everyone.

Veronica Beard Coralee Top 

This Veronica Beard Mandarin collar top is one I know I’ll wear all summer long. It’s classic and comfortable and made from a lightweight ribbed knit. It has a split button front which creates more of a subtle V-neck. You can adjust the buttons to get a deeper V if you like. I love the elbow-length sleeves and the banded cuff. The slight puff shoulder is doing its thing too! I’ll talk more about puff sleeves later in the post but broader, puff shoulders can also create the illusion of a slimmer waist. I did size down one size to an XS.

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Frame Chambray Ruffled Puff Sleeve Top

Ruffled Puff Sleeve Top | Tops That Make You Look Slimmerhow to look slim over 40

Frame Chambray Ruffled Puff Sleeve Top 

This gorgeous chambray top by Frame is the perfect example of an elevated casual top for summer. And…when you unbutton the notch collar, you get that flattering V-neckline that is oh-so slimming. The ruffled collar is feminine and flirty and the shoulders are slightly puffed. The material is lightweight and also incredibly soft! This top is perfect if you prefer to cover your arms, but also want to stay cool this summer.

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If you are looking for more tops that cover your arms, you’re going to love this post!


Nation LTD Ultra Deep V Tee | Tops That Make You Look Slimmer

Nation LTD Ultra Deep V Tee 

 This next V-neckline top is super casual. It’s a Nation LTD top that will be your perfect, go-to summer tee. The fabric and quality are amazing. This is just another example of how even just an easy, V-neck t-shirt creates that perfect, lengthening look if the goal is to minimize your upper half and look leaner. This also applies to V-neck maxi dresses, sweaters, vests, etc.

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blue frame bubble sleeve top

blue bubble sleeve top | Tops That Make You Look Slimmer

Puff Shoulder Tops

Puff shoulders, either minimal or voluminous, are another trick I have up my sleeve for slimming my frame. When you create a broader shoulder line, the waist naturally looks slimmer. It creates an inverted triangle or that coveted hourglass silhouette. Here are a few of my favorites…

Frame Puff Sleeve Cotton Crop Top

This pretty blue top by Frame has voluminous sleeves and is fitted just under the bust. So it has 2 elements that create that slimming effect! By adding volume at the shoulder, the bottom half of your body looks much slimmer in comparison. This top skims the body without clinging to it. The fabric is a lightweight textured cotton but the color is what really sold me…it’s just so gorgeous! To dial up the slimming effect even more, pair your puff shoulder top with high-waisted pants or jeans and wear high heels or wedges.

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casual summer tops

pink simkhai puff sleeve twist front top

Twist Front Top – Simkhai Puff Sleeve Top 

It’s no secret I love pink! So, when I saw this Simkhai top with its waist-defining features, I knew it would be a favorite this summer. The pleated twist front detail draws the eye in at the smallest part of most women’s bodies… just below the bust and above the rib cage. It also has darts in the back that are very slimming and flattering. I’m a rectangle body shape without a naturally defined waist, but see how this top instantly gives me a waist? That combined with the V-neckline and statement, puff shoulder makes this a super flattering top for most body shapes. This exact top is sold out in pink but it’s available in white (limited sizing) so I’ll link it below along with a few similar options.

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If you aren’t sure exactly which body shape you are, you should read this post next!


Acler Nash off-shoulder top | Tops That Make You Look Slimmer

Off-Shoulder Top | Tops That Make You Look Slimmer

Off-Shoulder Top 

I really love the versatility of this top by Acler! Certain off-the-shoulder tops will also help create the same minimizing, inverted triangle effect as a puff shoulder top. I’m wearing it here with white, wide-leg jeans but you could also style it with trousers and skirts. The sleek neckline draws the eye upward and the strategic ruching on the sides helps camouflage any lumps or bumps you might be looking to minimize. Dressing in a head-to-toe monochromatic look and matching your top to your bottoms is another hot tip for looking slimmer!

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dressy summer tops

pink rag & bone retro sneakers

Smocked Bodice Tee

Another detail you can look for in tops to make you look slimmer is strategic smocking. The top I’m wearing above by Pixie Market has smocking from just above the bust to the hemline. The smocking sucks you in and is extra flattering because the looser t-shirt style at the neckline and sleeves offsets the more fitted bodice. The pretty ruffle hem helps create even more of that optical illusion of an hourglass shape. It’s worth mentioning that smocking through the bust will likely not work for very busty women.

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If you are a busty woman and need some flattering tops, we wrote this post just for you!


loveshackfancy white lace blouse | Tops That Make You Look Slimmer

white lace blouse | Tops That Make You Look Slimmer

Love Shack Fancy Anorette Blouse

This beautiful top by LoveShackFancy is so romantic and feminine…and flattering! The square neckline draws the eye toward the face while the subtle jacquard vertical stripes draw the eye down, creating extra visual length. It’s also fitted just under the bust, so you get this ever-so-slight fit and flare silhouette (which is great for concealing a tummy if that’s a concern). The delicate crocheted lace and ruffled cuffs are perfection! This is a super breathable and lightweight blouse for summer or if you just run warm.

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striped rails button down

Rails Josephine Striped Button-Up

Rails Josephine Striped Button-Up

If the goal is to look slimmer, use vertical stripes to your advantage! This blue and white vertical striped Rails button-down drapes really beautifully and will also elongate your frame. It has a slightly roomy fit but I did not size up. It’s tough to see in the photo but it also has a split, rounded hem which is another feature to look for in slimming tops. The split hem on the sides will make your legs look longer! You can also tuck in your top (front tuck, full tuck, 1/2 tuck) to high-waisted bottoms, and BAM…legs for days!

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Simkhai Puff Sleeve Crop Shirt | Tops That Make You Look Slimmer

Puff Sleeve Body-Skimming Black Shirt

I realize this is not ground-breaking news, but dark-colored tops will naturally make you look slimmer. Light colors in general make an area appear more prominent and larger. Now don’t get me wrong, I wear light-colored tops all the time! But, if you are looking to conceal a tummy, muffin top, or just look slimmer in general, a black, navy, or deep gray top is the way to go. It will diminish your upper half making it seem smaller and slimmer. This black puff sleeve top by Simkhai is one of those tops that has a 1, 2 punch. The black is slimming AND the puff sleeves create the illusion of a slimmer torso! While this top is fairly cropped, when worn with high-waisted pants or a pencil skirt you won’t be showing too much skin.

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Speaking of tops that have that 1-2 punch or multiple slimming features…Here are a few I know you will love!

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Do you own a particular top or piece of clothing that makes you feel (fill in the blank) taller, leaner, confident, sexy, or just beautiful? I’d love to hear about it so please share in the comments below!

If you’d like to share this post with a friend or loved one, please do so using the buttons below. And don’t forget that you can get blog posts, delivered directly to your inbox, along with SO many incredible style resources, by signing up for our newsletter here. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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5 thoughts on “10+ Tops That Make You Look Slimmer For An Instant Confidence Boost!

  1. You are using super slim models and all the shirts are tucked or above the belly. The belly is the area that most women who want to look slimmer are trying to hide.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I do feature all looks on my own body, but promise to only share tips and tricks that really do work, from my experience with working one-on-one with women of all shapes and sizes for many years. If you don’t feel comfortable tucking in your tops, look instead for rounded hem tops as they are very flattering as well! Here’s a helpful video on this same topic as well, full of tips that really work: ~Erin xo

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