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Tracy Anderson Method

Note: For updated information on my weight loss journey, check out this post.

Tracy Anderson and I have been working together for almost 10+ years.
She just doesn’t know it.
I do all of her workouts in the comfort and privacy of my own home, which I prefer.
It allows for swearing, sweating and falling (not uncommon to lose balance a lot doing her moves).
I did take some breaks over the years…about a year off pre and post-pregnancy with Elizabeth… and weeks here or there during vacations).
I currently do about 4 to 5 days per week. 30 minutes per day.
ONLY her muscular skeletal section, not the cardio.

I am a HUGE fan of the Tracy Anderson Method because…
I am very STRONG.
And, I have leaner, longer muscles (especially in my legs).

WHAT IS the Tracy Anderson Method or TAM?

It combines muscular toning exercises with dance cardio. Metamorphosis and Continuity have 10-day workouts (the workout changes every 10 days.) The idea behind her program is to exhaust both large and small muscle groups. The key being the ‘smaller’ muscles… that Tracy says will prevent bulk and give you a long, lean line. Tracy has trained celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

A few disclaimers out of the gate:

I do not follow her diet plan. I’ve never even seen it.
I do not do the ‘cardio’ component.
If you decide to do the cardio in addition to the muscular-skeletal component for Metamorphosis or Continuity, no doubt you’ll have better results than me.
Each section of the Metamorphosis workout is approximately 30 minutes.
If you do both, that is 1 hour, 4 to 6 days a week (ideally).
I do 30 minutes, 4 to 5 days per week.


I am currently on day 291 – 300 of Year 2, Tracy Anderson Continuity, Glucentric.
It probably sounds like another language, but if you are involved in the program, you’ll understand.


If you are new to Tracy Anderson and the method…
I strongly suggest, trying it out for FREE on YOUTUBE first, before you invest in buying DVD’s…
In order to make sure you like the workout.

I found Tracy’s Mat DVD Arm Workouts on YouTube:

Mat DVD Arms without weights here
DVD Arms WITH weights here
Mat DVD Legs Part 1
DVD Legs Part 2

Each of these sections are about 8 minutes.

I could not find her Post-Pregnancy DVD on Youtube.
But here is a few edited minutes of her AB section.


In the beginning, I did the Mat DVD.  I still think it’s the best Tracy arm workout out there.
The Mat DVD is around 45 minutes.
I used to skip the warmup and cool down to save time, although I’m pretty sure that is a huge no-no. 😉


If you want an incredible ab workout, try the Post-Pregnancy DVD.
I love the soothing music.
It was the perfect workout post baby, even though I cried a few times.
Side note: There’s no shame in a few tears of frustration while working out.
Or the occasional curse word(s).


This Express Method DVD is great and it might help if you need to break up your workout throughout the day.
I have been known to do my arms and abs and then do my legs later.

METAMORPHOSIS ($90 for 3 months)

This is SO awesome! If you can hang in there and do it 5 to 6 days a week.
I know you’ll see changes in your body within 2 weeks.
The workout changes every 10 days. You never get bored or feel unchallenged.


After you finish Metamorphosis, you can start Continuity.
It starts on Month 4, and as far as I know you can continue until the end of YEAR 3.
I bought my DVD’s all at once (months 4 – 12) but you now have to buy them month by month.
You may still be able to find months 4 – 12 on eBay.
Try adding yourself also to the waitlist on


Here is the link to Tracy’s website with the monthly option.
I will likely have to switch to this method of payment when I hit YEAR 3.
Unless I can find it on eBay.

LIVE STREAMING ($90 per month, $400 for 6 months)

I was not a huge fan of steaming after trying it for a few months.
It was hard for me to see Tracy.
They set up the camera in the back of the room, so you are looking at her back, while she instructs in the mirror.
I found the streaming to be quite LONG (often over an hour)
And, VERY difficult.
I also wasn’t sure if we are always strategically building, like you are with continuity.


With Continuity, my legs have gotten much more toned and lean. My knees look better.
I have much more flexibility and less pain in my joints.
My butt is higher and more lifted (FINALLY).
Abs are not great, but that is mainly because I’m not eating great.
My arms are definitely more toned and very strong.



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And, thank you SO much for stopping by!

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5 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson Method Update | BusbeeStyle TV

  1. Thank you so much for the review on Tracy Anderson. I’m starting the beginners mat workout when it arrives. Thanks again!

  2. I too have been using Tracy Anderson on and off for the past 7+ years. It is the only workout that gets my stomach, arms and butt in their best and most attractive shape (super toned, lifted and sculpted!) It is the hardest workout to stick with consistently but if you can – you will have your best body ever. The post pregnancy DVD is incredibly hard to do. I have been doing the mat DVD and thought my stomach was getting stronger – WRONG! Here is a link to the full post-pregnancy DVD on YouTube:

  3. Hi Erin,
    Love all your posts! I think her Metamorphosis omnicentric program is on you tube, is this the same one? It is a little hard to catch on in beginning, but is kinda fun!

  4. Hi Erin! I’ve been following your blog for about a year now but how I originally discovered you was through a Tracy Anderson review… This is my first time commenting. I also love Tracy and when you are consistent will definitely see results. I’ve started doing the streaming and I LOVE it! She now has a “beginners” in addition to the advanced class which is usually around 30 minutes. I think the name “beginners” is a bit misleading though and it should be called “express” ? She was having a free streaming two week trial but I think it may have expired? I pretty much agree with all your Tracy info. In addition to the Tracy reviews, thanks for all the fashion advice! ?

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